Journalists, advocates, court clerks, etc:

Do you wish to be the next famous advocate like the amazing Erin Brockovich?

Or perhaps earn the Pulitzer Prizes in Journalism by exposing this completed and documented crime?

If so, I hand you on a silver platter, that case. Through hundreds of thousands of hours of personal, and hired professional research, I present...

Maui Corruption exposed at the Maui Courthouse, Absurd, Mendacity Committed by Judges with Avaricious Greed without Honor.

This case begs for exposure, which I cannot do.

Plaintiff's advantage today is remaining anonymous to these crimes.

I am not a skilled writer who can place all the facts of this story in the proper chronological order to shorten or make it less confusing as it’s still painful to relive this filth inflicted on my family and I.

However, one blessed with analytical thinking in reading will understand the audacity of this true to life story, will understand it. As best as I can, I present the facts in writing, photos, and documents as proof along with this summary.

Any supporting documents not included in this story email me for, this consideration will be for those inclined with the political resources to expose only. Need to have your curiosity aroused? Click here for the Deposition for a ten-minute obnoxious but entertaining read. How this case got to deposition in itself is a farce.

All who wish to be educated, shocked, intrigued, or perhaps entertained; read on at my expense, how we, one of YouTube’s most recognized how-to family of experts of building homes, Kirk Giordano Plastering Inc., were robbed of our three homes in Maui. Together my family and I spent well over 300K on false litigation plus a fortune with our work efforts, another $160K restoring the three homes in question.

This fraud case started with a bogus letter from an attorney/per-diem judge named Matson Kelley. Fabricating that he had been contacted to represent a person to buy back homes we legally purchased and repaired in Maui, HI.

Who is Matson Kelley?
A crooked attorney/Per-Diem judge who perpetrated this fraud fueled by greed and great money for nothing.

What is a Per-Dium judge?
A Per Diem judges are part-time judges appointed by the Chief Justice on an “as needed basis” to preside in the District Court or Family Court. During their term of service, a per diem judge may still engage in the private practice of law.

If The Chief judge of Maui awards his protege and presumed successor the position of Per-Diem judge, how in the world can the man who appointed him for this position also be allowed to infiltrate it then preside over his case? It’s a conflict of interest.

Equally important, Mason Kelley, who is the plaintiff, started this illegal action and is handed the case with no legal claims for it by his mentor, Cardoza.

One has to ask yourself after reading this factual story, is Matson Kelley psychologically fit to even hold the position to preside in the District Court or Family Court? Would you as a parent want him to judge your child's fate?

A brief history about this crooked pair: they worked in the same office and courthouse for over 20 years. Their premeditated plan included Matson Kelley, a Maui Attorney/Per-Diem judge falsely claiming to represent a daughter with no legal interest in our properties.

It is a fact, this woman Matson Kelley claimed to represent is also a victim, as she could have been prosecuted (and still may be) for her paid cooperation.

Matson Kelley claimed to be representing her, although she claimed while in deposition two years later, she never called him, nor knew who he was, Thus could not ask for a representation, plus she recognized she didn’t have the legal representation or authority to any ownership.

Her mother hired Mitchell S. Burns, attorney at law of the Hawaii Estate Planning Law Group located in Honolulu, to remove her from any ownership interest. The daughter and her husband signed and dated this warranty deed at the State of Hawaii Bureau of Conveyances recorded on March 15, 2001. This became a matter of public record or historical fact, thus unchallengeable. This information was recorded and in the deed!

How would two judges, with no legal methods reach their goal to rob my family and me of the homes in question?

Plus, prevent me from suing Matson Kelley for the maximum amount permitted by law for punitive damages for the hell he forced upon my family and I over the years.

How could these two-judge criminals, counterfeit or abuse an unchallengeable title?

The answer! The Chief Judge, Crooked Cardoza, took over the case or infiltrated the case from a competent sitting Judge, eyewho saw this fraud within the first ten minutes it was presented to her at the first hearing at the Maui Courthouse.
Skipping forward, after their case gains no ground in almost two years.

This Chief Judge, Cardoza, authorizes a phony and risky Ex-Parte or probate and awards his protégé, Matson, and Matson’s registered agent David Whittenburg both members of HieHie, LLC., whom so-called claimed to own half the rights to our properties with a phony affidavit from who they claim was written by the daughter.

This proved to be another lie well over a year later at the deposition.

David Whittenburg, Matson’s partner, was appointed as a special administrator without a hearing.

Illegal. Moving on.

The three men involved in this crime made this desperate and illegal decision!

Cardoza, the chief judge, collaborated with Matson Kelly, his protégé, and Matson’s partner David Whittenburg in a closed-door hearing. All three of these men realized this action was illegal but was their only option left as they had no case.

This behind-closed-door illegal hearing was carried out while my first attorney stood by and did nothing but continue to castrate and distract me from the truth with misdirection with their red herring of, if plaintiffs can prove with a certified birth certificate the daughter in question is truly the daughter of a deseed sister they may have a legitimate case for 50% of the homes.

Terrance M. Revere and plaintiffs must have felt with my illness that if this, absurd red-herring was repeated to me often enough, This nonsense or mendacity would become a truth, in case the law failed to aid them in their quest to rob me.

No will, trust or probate could ever be produced, real facts of laws did indeed hamper their efforts.

Thus, plaintiffs invented or created a so-called probate, to benefit themselves! After all, my so-called attorney, Terrance, apparent cooperation or legal malpractice still did not question this act.

Terrance’s new associate attorney, Andrew D. Chianese, whom I knew was new, and this was his first case, proved to be an incredibly competent attorney who was genuinely helping us with this case.

After doing so well against plaintiffs, Andrew must have been told the truth by his boss, Terrance: Kirk isn’t supposed to win this case.

This letter was Andrews letting me know he has no choice but to now throw my case. It was an epiphany for me to read the letter, which I was billed a mere 60 dollars for.

Click here to see this letter of misdirection »

The letter from Andrew broke my heart as it was a striking realization I now had no real counsel anymore. I can’t put into words the confusion and heartache I suffered with for weeks after that letter.

I finally had the idea to Google “Chief judge of Maui, Joseph Cardoza, and Terrance M. Revere,” I was dumbstruck.

Ironically, I was referred to Terrance Terrance because he won a large case in Hawaii. However, the Judge who awarded him the largest verdict of 4 million dollars and made Terrance famous was the mentor and 20 year office mate to plantiff, Matson Kelley!

After the hell and lies, these two perpetrated against my family. Perhaps, Terrance shared his commission with Crooked Cardoza?

I realized at that moment, Terrance was now allowing plaintiffs another way to justify a ridiculous claim to my title by insinuating the daughter was real and they just needed to attain a sealed birth certificate to prove she was real.

My response to Terrance was the Title-Report states the fact, she is indeed the daughter, please stop leading me in a direction that has nothing to do with their fraud case.

I was forced to fire Terrance M. Revere in 2017.

Moving on well over a year later, my second attorney had plaintiff illegal Ex-parte overturned by the third circuit court of “three” independent Judges who had authority over Cardoza’s blatant crimes.

With Cardoza in charge, the third circuit judge’s verdicts meant nothing as crooked Cardoza turned his blind eye to their ruling.

Thus from start to finish, Maui’s chief Judge, Joseph Cardoza, made sure by abusing his position, risking reputation, license, and liberty, by handing his associate and protege our three homes.

Their so-called reasoning, my three homes now repaired and able to be insured, are valued at well over 2.5 million dollars.

They all had ocean views just down the road from Matson’s primary residence.

Their advantage, Maui’s Chief judge held the authority to hand down all decisions for a case he was involved in and had a relationship with his protege Matson Kelley and my first attorney.

Off topic, find a law case where Matson Kelley lost that his Mentor, the chief judge of Hawaii Joseph Cardoza presided over! This is not possible as there are none.

There are not even pictures of these two closest friends online. Why? To protect their relationship and their ongoing corrupt future. Least someone connects the dots of their real relationship.

Moving on, I was forced to hire another attorney. Unfortunately, although my illness of Lyme disease was confirmed in writing by my doctor, Crooked Cardoza only allowed me two weeks to find new counsel. Not the two months I had requested.

This was yet another advantage the chief judge handed to plantiffs, Matson his protege.

Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to research an honorable attorney.

Thus my second and last attorney, Paul J. Sulla, was just as evil or corrupt. It turned out Paul had a pending court case himself for the same crime I hired him to expose.
Pauls's crimes were also stealing a doctor’s home in Hawaii.

When I first hired Paul, he informed me by phone, plaintiffs were trying to convince me into believing the daughter might have some claim and the plaintiff’s case was all fraud from the start.

Paul impressed us at first when he had Cardoza's phony ex-parte thrown out by the first month of his starting of our case.

Then Paul about a year later, obviously began working with plaintiffs immediately after his associate attorney, Lockey, deposed the daughter and proved that Matson’s whole story was fabricated. Lockey even called me the same day and congratulated me. For the first time in three years, we exhaled in relief.

However, the very next day, Paul called me and said the Chief Judge, Cardoza, finally obtained a sealed birth certificate that proved she was the daughter; thus, plaintiffs now win this farce of a case.

Paul then says, they win not the half, as Matson claimed to have purchased from the daughter. But now 100% of our properties!

Thus, Paul eventually exposed Matson's fraud while milking me for all the money he could. Paul still threw my family under the bus by handing them our homes.

Little wonder after more than ten years, Paul’s crimes for the same offense were dismissed shortly after.

Google Paul Sulla’s name, then add fraud for the involvement of his previous crimes; I wished I had known to do this.

This is such a devious story that it's entertaining, even if it’s at my family's expense.

These same judge/attorney crimes were also used previously and successfully just months before against a group of religious native Hawaiian people who had their lands stolen; they were forced to watch their church being bulldozed down.

The construction crews had the protection of Hawaiian officers.

These cops were righteous; they had no clue as to the fact that the religious Hawaiians were being legally robbed, and the exact same titanic would be used against my family.

This story provides “Proof” of that crime, too, under cover of the law.

Thank you for your time and or any interest,
Kirk Giordano Plastering Inc.

2022 Update

In this new year of 2022, I placed this link, on my linkedin account to try to expose this handful of corrupt attorneys and judges once again.

My first reply was from an architect and subscriber to our YouTube channel by the name of Eric. Eric asked me what I learned at the Hawaiian auctions, like what I would do differently or what others should be aware of? Possibly suggesting or insinuating that the Hawaiian auctions may be rigged.

I replied, they don't appear to be. This story places no blame on the Hawaiian Auctions.
The Hawaiian county auctions seem fair, transparent, wholly legitimate and honest.
In fact, after about a year into this so-called trial, Quentin Wells, the author, and former CIA agent said to me, “The FBI just wants the Tax Deed,” I regret not understanding how to share the Tax-Deed with the FBI. Possibly, because of my mental instability from my Lyme and Maleria illnesses at the time?

Today, this Deed is still all one needs to understand the severity of plaintiffs’ fraud.
In this nightmare of a story, it's included too under the title report.

My reply to Eric is below. My answer to Eric may sound repetitious, but I’m telling this story on a different day, from memory.

Hi Eric, with our Maui robbery adventure, I would not change anything I did at the auction.

What was out of my control was the personal relationship of the Chief judge to his protege, nephew, Matson Kelley; I didn't realize these two had done these crimes before and had no problem breaking the laws they controlled.

Nor did I realize they, "The Chief Judge and per-diem judge were related" and wanted the property for themselves, not for the daughter. Matson Kelley lied, saying the daughter hired him. She did not!

At the deposition, she admitted under oath that she did not hire Matson or know him and did not want the homes for personal reasons.

I also didn't realize my first attorney, Terrance M. Revere, was handed his biggest payday, of four million, from the decision of the same, Chief judge, Cardoza. Who aggressively and illegally took over my case from the competent, Maui sitting judge, Rhoda Loo.

Why, did the chief judge get involved or infiltrate this case?

Rhoda Loo was the sitting judge who saw straight through Matson Kelley's fraud at the first hearing.

When I first hired attorney Terrance, he was adamant this case was fraud, and would have it dismissed, read in the story below his first letter sent to plaintiffs. That letter was sent before he realized that it was plaintiffs Mentor, the same Maui Chief Judge who awarded him his largest payday a year before of four million dollars. His letter is in the detailed story below..

When Terrence became aware who the plaintiffs were, he paved the way for them by not responding to any court proceedings for over four months, which allowed them to gain full advantage of the court's proper and necessary filing proceedings.

However, I kept receiving letters from the courts of proceedings that were indeed taking place.

When I emailed or called Terrance, to ask what was happening, he would repeatedly say, we won't respond until you are adequately served.

It took me almost a year to realize Terrance was working for plaintiffs and not me.

My second choice of attorney, Paul J. Sulla, had his associate attorney prove through deposition the fraud.

I was even called by Pauls's appointed attorney Lockey, who did the brilliant deposition and congratulated me for the “win” or exposure of the lies used by Matson Kelley that unraveled and revealed the truth.

That night, no doubt, is when the Chief judge Cardoza called Paul Sulla or visa versa? To make the deal at Paul’s subsequent trial where he was to be tried himself for the same crime, that had been pending for over ten years, that Paul’s offense would finally be dismissed, "If" with Paul’s help, he now ignored his new information from the deposition.

Paul used this gained information not to get my case dismissed as promised. But to use against the plaintiff leading or forcing, Chief Judge Cardoza to levy his pull to have Pauls similar case dismissed.

Paul’s case was in Hawaii where Cardosa was friends with Hawaii Supreme Court Chief Justice Mark Recktenwald. Cardoza and Mark Recktenwald are in many pictures together, but again not one picture of Cardoza and his proteje Matson Kelley whom he shared a similar history like a father to son would. Why?

Moving on, Paul called me the very next day that his appointed attorney exposed the plaintiff’s fraud and said they won in a sad voice! Plaintiffs, coincidentally received the daughter’s birth certificate!

After the damning deposition.

Which proves their case against you, was legal, with this birth certificate they now win.

I replied they had that from the start; what was the four-year court battle for if that was only needed?

I accused him of the truth of selling us out.

He became himself again, forgot the sad smokescreen, and proceeded to blackmail me by demanding I sign the papers saying plaintiffs now owned half my house's or he would quit my case the following day.

Paul said his action would automatically allow plaintiffs to sue me for ‘Rent” from all the years I spent repairing the condemned homes. I would also be forced to pay their legal fees for a case they started and were involved in and delivered to litigate from the state of Maui.

Paul said his quitting as my attorney would give them the green light to lien and steal my primary home in Oakland, CA.

I was a train wreck suffering from malaria, Lyme disease, and leptospirosis from my repairs on these homes. Hell, I could hardly walk to the toilet to relieve myself, let alone have the ability to concentrate.

Thus Paul blackmailed me into signing my homes over to them.
This, too, was Cardosa’s blatantly and risky ending to a bizarre court case.

I’m ashamed to say the years of chronic stress they placed on my family and me with their constant manipulations and misdirection along with my real diseases.

I broke like a rotten stick and signed their blackmail or so-called settlement.

This leaves the final hearing; Paul told me that this was necessary for the record. Paul dared to ask if I wanted to fly to Hawaii to hear the ending settlement of this case?

Paul naturally didn’t attend either, as he set it up and knew the result already, so instead sent a newly hired attorney who was present and wrote for the record.

Maui's chief Judge Cardoza broke the law by handing 100% of the homes to Matson Kelley. This is an illegal act.

Cardoza's blatantly ended his career as he had done throughout the case, with “negligence and abuse?” and handed his protégé, and relative, Matson Kelley, not just half as only Matson, claimed he owned.

But the full title of our homes is just a mile down the street from Matson’s primary residence.

His mentor and relative, Cardoza, was retiring in a few months anyway. So what more did he have to lose by another hand down to his best friend and relative?

As a whistleblower, I expect nothing in return except justice for the Hell these criminals inflicted on my family through them along with the pain that will always linger on.

Surely for the 50 years Joseph Cardoza was a lawyer and judge, he could not have been evil and corrupt, but this is how he ended his career! For self preservation with lust for himself and protajay Matson Kelley.

Best regards,
Kirk Giordano Plastering Inc. - 2022

My original story, below:


The Shameful Truth Pulled From Thousands Of Hours Of Researching From Victim and Whistle Blower, Kirk Giordano

by Quentin Thomas Wells, on behalf of the Giordano Family (pictured below)

All who wish to be educated, shocked, or perhaps amused or even entertained read on at Kirk's and family's expense. It's impossible to chronicle all the unbelievable and unethical behavior perpetrated against Kirk Giordano in the Maui courthouse.

This article describes a criminal conspiracy perpetrated by officers of the Hawaii State Court system, associated with Chief Judge Joseph E. Cardoza, who along with others, including Fredrick Mason Kelley, Terrance Revere and Paul Sulla, notaries, private investigators, and others have combined to defraud real property owners and prospective buyers of land parcels offered for sale by the State of Hawaii.

The victims of this conspiracy have been defrauded of their money, deprived of their property and have suffered heavy damage to their lives and to the health and welfare of their families, all because they earned enough cash to buy two homes in paradise, Maui, Hawaii.

All supporting documents referenced in the article below can be found by clicking here.

Joseph Cardoza

Terrance Revere

Fredrick Matson Kelley

Paul Sulla

In this article, Kirk describes the criminal conspiracy forced upon him and his family. This illegal ordeal cost him his life savings and physical health and that of his girlfriend, other friends, and family members. Kirk has obtained ample evidence that then Maui’s Chief judge Joseph E. Cardoza and Fredrick Matson Kelley, with attorneys Terrance Revere and Paul Sulla, committed fraudulent property theft with support from notaries, private investigators, and others involved with this well-used fraud.

It is important to mention his case is not unique. The same men, Maui’s Chief Judge Joseph Cardoza and Matson Kelley used this exact con to illegally seize/steal 277 acres of property from many religious native Hawaiians. Through the disclosures following, he wishes to expose the perpetrators, warn property buyers, and empower those who have suffered like himself and his family.

Note from the Author:

The crimes of these men shock the conscience. To date, federal investigators and prosecutors have not pursued their illegal actions. We compiled this report on behalf of those affected and for society at large. From what is known, this kind of fraudulent property theft is more pervasive in Hawaii than in any other state in the US.

If you have experienced property theft of this nature in Hawaii, please email us at [email protected].

Previous CIA Officer Quentin Thomas Wells helped to prepare this article. No one involved in its composure seeks to recover financial losses nor expects any type of monetary compensation.

Summary, before reading this preposterous lawsuit:

Kirk's title report was a historical record, written and recorded by a professional licensed real estate attorney, therefore unchallengeable. Unless actual proof of redemption was made possible - it never was, as it didn't exist.

At the start of the con, Plaintiffs who are judges and attorneys realized there was no legal way to take Kirk’s homes as Kirk had an ironclad title report. Thus, a con-artist attorney/per-diem judge, Matson Kelley, came up with a well used elaborate lie that he failed to convince Kirk of in two threatening letters, which he claimed he was hired “on behalf of the Estate of Moana P.M.Ramos.” Matson starts off his first letter with malice and with the cooperation of his mentor, chief judge Joseph E. Cardoza.

Thus Kirk was forced to fight a ruthless, self-serving per-diem judge - Matson Kelley, who between him and his mentor had just won another similar self-serving bogus suit awarding themselves 277 acres of land belonging to religious native Hawaiians.

Like his previous scam, Matson Kelley started that fraud and won the case as his mentor/perhaps uncle was the Chief Judge of Maui and his colleague. They shared the same office, courthouse, clubhouse and attended the same so-called self-help clinic, which opened in Maui on Oct 17, 2012, to help those in need of legal advice on their property. At this time, Matson Kelley was still president of the Maui county state bar association. Little wonder Kirk’s complaint against him fell on deaf ears.

It’s ironic that people come to them for legal advice. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel for these crooks when someone discloses their financial problems with pending land or homes.

This method is how Matson Kelley found out about Kirk’s newly purchased homes, bought at the annual county tax auction. The former owner said she went to a self-help, legal advice clinic after the 7th month in which Kirk allowed her to live rent-free until she could find a home.

Kirk's Purchase of 2 Maui Properties

When anyone purchases a tax deed sale at the Maui county Hawaiian auction center, these homes are for sale to pay off any delinquent or back taxes owed. It is well understood that if that legal owner can raise the money to buy back, the law allows them a one-year redemption for this purpose. The law is specific that only taxpayers can buy back!

The law clearly states that if redemption was to occur, any and all previous owners or taxpayers must pay back the total purchase price paid at the tax auction plus 12%. Plus, any work or repairs deemed necessary to obtain insurance or make the home habitable must also be added to the new buyer's purchase price at the auction. This law only permits the legal owners or taxpayers this privilege. Oddly enough, no one ever paid taxes on the two homes for 26 years. Thus, Kirk became the only taxpayer for these two properties.

Matson’s fraud started when he was aware that he (with his mentor’s help, the chief judge of Maui, HI) may be able to steal Kirk’s homes valued at close to two million dollars - plus get paid by the state to try a case they were to benefit financially from.

Matson Kelley began his fraud by sending Kirk letters claiming he was hired to represent the estate after both of his threatening letters were ignored by Kirk.

He came up with another plan.

Both Matson and accomplice, his mentor chief judge of Maui Cardoza, realized they had no legal case. As both judges surely scrutinize the title report searching for methods to exploit it.

But, both judges had gotten away with this crime, only a month before, by robbing many native and religious Hawaiians. They decided to use the same deception and pattern to steal Kirk’s properties. Thus, dates were input to give the illusion they were within a homeowner’s right of redemption to buy back, except they weren't the homeowners! Nor were they correct dates.

Their real leverage: they are judges with clout. Kirk could not find an attorney in Maui who would take his case once he informed them who they would be up against. As one attorney said to Kirk: if he took the case, it would be attorney suicide, as they would never expect to win another case in Maui no matter how strong a case he had.

The authors, editors, and witnesses to this conspiracy and others similar to it have compiled this report on behalf of the victims and society at large. They detail their personal experiences and describe how they were impacted by the conspiracy in the hope that a federal prosecutor or legitimate Hawaiian law enforcement agency will be able to read and use the information provided herein. Their testimonies expose the persons who organized and operated this conspiracy, which is now more pervasive in Hawaii than any other state in the United States, according to our knowledge and belief as investors and whistleblowers.

Those who have prepared this article, including the principal writer, Quentin Thomas Wells (pictured) who was previously an officer with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, do not seek to recover their losses or extract monetary compensation. It’s too late to reverse the damage done by those who defrauded our loved ones and us. But, we hope that we can prevent others from suffering similar losses through the judicial machinations of this continuing criminal enterprise that includes several of Hawaii’s corrupt judges and their lawyers. Click to Read More About Quentin Wells

Kirk Giordano, the victim in this story, is not a politician, attorney, or even a paralegal, but a father and a plastering contractor. However, he understands the meaning of a title report.

Kirk was defrauded by attorney Fredrick Matson Kelley and his mentor, Maui Chief Judge Joseph E. Cardoza.

Kirk's family saved for ten years and sold his home, earning the cash they needed to move his contracting business to Maui to experience the "American Dream" of owning a home in paradise and relocating his plastering business there - even buying the domain name “”.

Instead, they faced a costly, endless nightmare.

The sad truth is that the fraudulent plaintiffs behind the scam risked nothing. Judge Cardoza and his protégé, Matson Kelly, profited handsomely via systematic judicial corruption for years, unscathed. His mentor, the chief judge and colleague sitting judge Rhonda Loo, was paid by the state to try a case they were involved in at the taxpayer's expense.

Chief Judge Joseph E. Cardoza and Attorney/Per-Diem judge Fredrick Kelley were so bold with their lies it was beyond belief. It's difficult to imagine that any judge or attorney would risk the loss of license or liberty or exposure as crooks to friends, family, and co-workers by engaging in such a criminal conspiracy.

It was the Giordanos and others like them, who tried to play by the rules and treat others fairly, who risked their lives and the family fortune.

Introduction to Corruption in Maui, Hawaii

Kirk's story began on May 20, 2014, when he was declared the high bidder for a parcel of property offered for sale at the annual tax auction on Maui. In Kirk's words, "We purchased two beautiful but severely dilapidated houses located side-by-side on a double lot in Maui."

Both are located on a large corner double lot located in an upper-class neighborhood of historic Makawao, an area known as a tourist attraction on Maui’s island. Both had spectacular ocean views. The main house had four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large kitchen, a living room, a dining room, a laundry room, and two additional rooms suitable for offices or other uses. It also included a separate lower-level living unit complete with three bedrooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom.

"The second home was built in 1976, a few years after the main house, on an adjacent lot split off from the original home's oversized lot. It was smaller, consisting of two rooms, a kitchen, living and dining area, with the same spectacular ocean views as the primary home."

These two homes were owned by two sisters, Julia Keikioewa Talifolau and Moana Penelope Ramos, who inherited them from their parents. After inheriting title to the properties, the sisters failed to pay any property taxes on them beginning in 1987 (the year they inherited the homes) through 2014, inclusive. Although the younger sister, Julia Keikioewa Talifolau, actually lived in one of the property’s residences.

She, nor the elder sister Moana Penelope Ramos (who lived in nearby Honolulu) ever paid any taxes for about 26 years.

  • The State of Hawaii placed county tax liens for failure to pay taxes on both sisters on February 17, 2009.
  • Another lien was then recorded on November 13, 2009, against both sisters, Moana Ramos and her younger sister Julia Martin - the only two on the property title.
  • On August 23, 2013, still, no action was taken to pay the property taxes by either sister.
  • Another lien was placed and recorded by Maui’s county against Moana Ramos, now deceased, along with the surviving sister, Julia Martin.
  • Julia thus became the tenant in severalty or sole proprietor of the homes.

Because the state property taxes had been ignored, both homes were offered for sale at several tax auctions before 2014.

"Surprisingly," says Kirk, "no buyers expressed interest or offered any bids, so at the suggestion of my three sons, we became interested in purchasing them. One would have to see in person the condition to realize why no one wanted them. However, my family and I are contractors who also teach YouTubers how to repair homes."

On May 14, 1998, liens were placed on Moana, and Kimberly, the daughter at the time who was still on the title. Neither paid the lien, nor even attempted to.

The title report Kirk received when he purchased both homes revealed the older sister, Moana Ramos, hired Mitchell S. Burns, attorney at law of the Hawaii Estate Planning Law Group located in Honolulu, to remove her ex-husband Jerry Ramos (from whom she was by then divorced) and their daughter Kimberly Caspillo from any ownership interest.

This warranty deed was recorded at the State of Hawaii Bureau of Conveyances recorded on March 15, 2001.

Thus, the older sister Moana regained her 50% interest in the property again, entirely in her name, in 2001. This deed was recorded at the State of Hawaii Bureau of Conveyances on March 15, 2001, at 3:00 p.m. by Carl T. Watanabe, Acting Registrar of Conveyances.

The March 15, 2001 deed (Document No: 2001-037345) superseded the earlier deed (Document No.96-107204) dated May 28, 1996, that allowed her ex-husband and daughter a shared interest in her 50% of the homes.

Kirk Giordano's purchase contract was documented on the tax deed and recorded in Hawaii, as follows: The state of Hawaii. Bureau of Conveyances. Document Doc-53170717, dated July 23, 2014, at 8:02 a.m.

It was signed and dated by the grantor, Mayor Alan M. Arakawa, County of Maui, to the Grantee: Kirk P. Giordano and affects tax map Key No. 920 2-4-021-007-000. This tax deed also had the approval recommended by the director of Finance, Danilo F. Agsalog.

It was approved as a form and legality by Jeffery Ueoka, deputy corporation counsel, County of Maui.

Is this not ample evidence that the tax deed provided by "Old Republic," the title company, was legitimate? Read the title report for yourself.

If any federal prosecution agency has jurisdiction over this matter, Email us at [email protected] for any and all complete documents such as the complete title report, letters from attorneys, full deposition, etc. that may not be included in this story.

Kirk’s posting this updated truth is in his words, “if I were to die, my family and I still wish these criminals would be exposed.”

The Corruption Continues

Kirk has been threatened and has had a mole/spy emailing him for over a year, to get his story before making it public. Plaintiffs, or their mole, have claimed Cardoza and Matson were robbing his mother, who ironically had a home a block from theirs?

And among other nonsense, the mole asserts that Cardoza and his cronies were following him all around town and even into Home Depot. Their mole’s story is stranger than Kirk’s factual one.

His story was too similar to Kirk’s.

Kirk believed they wished him to include that nonsense in this story to distract/destroy this true story’s credibility. Kirk shamefully admits, he gave him some information. It took Kirk a year to realize and then research the mole to find the name was phony. However, he was not who he claimed to be in the picture he sent him. Just another indication that the plaintiffs are masters of distraction and misdirection to achieve their objective.

Kirk has those bizarre emails saved.

Kirk continues, "After making our winning bid for the property and both homes at the Maui tax auction, we met with the former homeowner, Julia Talifolau, and explained we just purchased the houses at the tax auction."

Julia, to their relief, said she knew about the unpaid back taxes.

Kirk advised her that she had the right to claim from the county assessor's office the remaining cash (which amounted to over $30,000) that he paid, "in excess," of the taxes with fees owing for the property, as this money was rightfully hers to use as she wished.

Since she was formerly the sole heir of 100% of the property, when he paid the 26 years of back taxes, Kirk became the sole proprietor/owner.

Kirk explained to Julia that she had the option under the Hawaiian redemption laws to buy back the property if she could pay the unpaid taxes from the date when she inherited her interest in 1987. She said that, for personal reasons, she would be much happier leaving the area. One would have to view the home to understand this reasoning.

The Full Story, As Told By Kirk

We allowed Julia to stay in the home until she picked up her surplus cash of 30K, as long as she left the homes reasonably clean. She promised to vacate the homes in good condition and thanked us for telling her about the surplus cash.

As the new homeowners, we advised her that we would have to obtain insurance on the two homes. In our opinion, they were currently uninhabitable as both had roof holes several feet wide that allowed frequent tropical rain to enter, causing wood rot and mold to develop and pose a danger of disease. A visual inspection also revealed many animals living in a larger home. Some others were chained outside. These residents also appeared to be using the smaller home as a dumpsite.

Both homes were falling apart with many abandoned vehicles sitting outside, resting on their chassis, as they had no wheels. We documented the unsanitary conditions and the decayed physical state of the properties with extensive video footage and photographs.

We recognized that, since we were now liable for any injuries that occurred on the properties, it was essential to obtain insurance as soon as possible. We spent the rest of our first day at the property introducing ourselves to those neighbors willing to get acquainted with us. Many did so. All seemed to be wonderful folks. Their stories of the former owners, now tenants, who were still occupying our newly acquired homes, were not pleasant. Their statements confirmed our opinions, already formed from observing the condition of the property.

They informed us of drug-dealing and thefts committed by the current tenants and noted the fences and other measures they had employed over the past fifteen years to stop the ongoing thefts and illegal activities. They also noted that the trash build-up in the smaller home had produced a profusion of rats in the neighborhood. We assured everyone we met that day that we would clean the property as soon as the former owner moved out and would eliminate the rat infestation by removing their food source. We exchanged phone numbers and flew back to our primary residence in California."

Even The Double-Dealing Process Server Was On The Take

After we arrived back at our San Francisco property, we called the insurance companies on the island and asked if we could obtain insurance. Still, after agents of the three companies viewed the property, they all declined coverage. The uninhabitable condition left us again exposed to liability from lawsuits by the current tenants.

After receiving multiple calls from our new neighbors who kept us updated on the conditions of the homes and of the ongoing drug-dealing by its occupants, and waiting nearly eight months for the tenant to move out, they had no choice but to evict Julia.

The so-called eviction company we hired to serve legal papers requiring Julia to leave the premises for the necessary cleanup of toxic waste to obtain insurance was also on the take, causing us grief too.

After the company representative learned that the property had been sold to us for back taxes, he contacted the former owner and attempted to repurchase the property directly from Julia, who no longer owned it. It appeared he even had his hired woman shouting very loudly through our locked front door, "I have the money to buy back with 20 thousand extras for you, open the door."

This created quite a stir for all the actual neighbors. Many opened the door to see what was causing the screaming. Most closed the doors after understanding what was going on. My neighbor Robert said it best to her face. We love our new neighbors, then slammed the door in her face. However, this is another story.

Our First Days Dealing with Trash, Rats, & Tropical Disease

When our new Maui neighbors called to inform us the property was finally vacant, we shipped our van to Hawaii so that we could use it for traveling and for carrying materials for repairs of the property. We arrived on the island thinking that we would have a vacation and begin renovating the homes.

Upon our first visit, we found both homes still in deplorable condition with four feet of trash inside composed mainly of pet foods, containers, and even human waste. Mosquitoes and flies were so thick that we could barely see. We did not realize immediately that these bugs could infect us with some nasty diseases. We had been bitten by insects many times in California without ill effect, but this menagerie of pests was different. They inhabited a contaminated environment in a tropical area, and their bites marked the beginning of our infection with life-threatening diseases that continue to plague us even today.

Perhaps all the empty gallons of Cockroach killer were sprayed indoors, or they were indeed cooking methamphetamines. The hallucinations my now ex girlfriend suffered from were not only caused by inhaling rat feces, but perhaps these lingering chemicals too. We will never know.

We also underestimated the effect of dust from rat feces, which, when inhaled, causes leptospirosis.

During the almost two years when we were restoring the homes, we discovered that the interiors of all the walls were full of rat nests - some of them two feet high.

Suppose you have a strong stomach. Click here to see more pictures & videos of some of the abominations we encountered.

Welcome to our first day on-site at our property in paradise! We had no option but to rent a room at a hotel so we could shower and consider what to do next. We decided to stay and fulfill our promise to our new neighbors and clean up the trash to eliminate the rat pandemic. I advertised in newspapers for local help to at least clean the garbage and filth out of the homes as we promised. I felt by removing the trash, we would rid the area of rats. We had a sizable 30-yard dumpster delivered to hold waste from the clean-up. We ended up living in our van for three weeks while we cleaned with help from locals hired through posted want-ads. We also hired a plumber to refurbish the pipes so we could use the toilets and showers.

Another horror, which may still exist as we were not able to address the attics clean up. It was filled with rat feces.

We have heard from those who used to be our neighbors that the current tenants are now having health issues. That they, too, may also be exposed to leptospirosis at the time. Or perhaps Matson Kelley, the new owner, heard from his mole that I planned to say this in this story and hired a company for the rat feces clean-up in the attic?

A "Bedtime Story" of our Perseverance

I, Kirk, will share this brief tale. It illustrates the tip of the iceberg of what we endured in our determined home restoration attempts. Over the first couple of weeks of renovating, my ex-girlfriend and I lived in our van. We hired many wonderful native Hawaiians to help us gut the interior of the main home.

After all garbage had been removed from the interior, new water pipes installed, and the entire home had been repeatedly cleaned - I decided to sleep inside. I’m too tall to sleep comfortably in the van and felt that two and a half weeks had been long enough. My ex-girlfriend wanted to continue to sleep in the van. However, I suggested, "Let's try one night in the master bedroom."

I set rat traps outside the door, and we laid on a mat in the master bedroom. We slept with the door closed and a flashlight ready, just in case. Within ten minutes, we heard what sounded like a gunshot. My ex-girlfriend panicked and said she wanted to return to the van. I assured her it was just another rat caught in the trap. I learned to recognize this noise.

I walked to the kitchen, turning on lights along the way. As I clicked on the kitchen light, I saw a huge rat spinning in the rattrap, squealing.

My girlfriend yelled, "what’s that awful noise?"
I yelled back, "another damned rat," hoping she wouldn't recognize the fear in my voice.

The rat was hissing and squealing loudly, seemingly far from dead. I got the most massive kitchen knife we had to kill the damned thing. I hesitantly stood for a while, bringing up the nerve, then stuck the rat in the mid-section. I was nervous and pushed the knife too hard and fast as the blade went through its body and deep into the floor. This rat then turned its head in a way that literally fried my nerves and started biting the knife. Fortunately, this only lasted a short while until it died.

My ex yelled, "What's happening?" from the so-called safety of the master bedroom.
I yelled back, "No worries, it's dead. I'll get rid of it."

I then proceeded to grab the shovel that I kept for removing rats caught in the traps. But when I tried to shovel up the dead rat, I couldn't lift it. The knife I had used had penetrated deep into the rotted floor – it did not release quickly.

After finally getting rid of the rat and trap, I went back to the bedroom. I was still determined to sleep where I could fully stretch out.

My ex then said, "What about the hole in the bathroom?"
I said, "It's only one inch wide. Nothing can get in from that small a hole."

But since I knew this scared her, I went into the bathroom and, while she watched, lifted the heavy toilet lid off the toilet, placed it over the tiny hole, and set a heavy book on it. I asked, "Are you okay with that?" thinking this was a foolish fear. My ex reluctantly agreed that the cover made her feel safer. Tired, I turned off the lights again.

Within the next ten minutes, we heard a sound like a brick being pulled across a concrete floor. My first thought was, 'there's no way a rat could squeeze through a hole that quickly.' I gripped the flashlight and pointed the beam at the noise. We saw two red eyes staring at us from a rat the size of a cat.

Needless to say, our nerves were shot at this point. We didn't even gather the pad; we grabbed our clothes and returned to the safety of the van. This horrifying night was one of many challenges.

By the end of our third week of sleeping in the van while we renovated, my ex started showing symptoms of delirium. When she eventually collapsed, I rushed her to the Maui Hospital, where the staff stabilized her condition through the night. In the morning, she was diagnosed with leptospirosis, caused by exposure to rat feces. With this near-death episode and working 12-hour days, we had no choice but to fly home to recover. We immediately returned to California. She is still fighting to recover, years later.

Just a few pictures of what we were left to work with. It took 4, 30-yard dumpsters to clean up the mess.

I had no complaints about cleanup until Matson Kelley made our sixty days of labor while rebuilding both homes, his.

Our Battle With Attorney Protege, Fredrick Matson Kelley and Mentor Chief Judge Joseph Cardoza's Clout

This marked the beginning of my family's nightmare. We were in the thick of it for many years.

Upon arriving home on February 24, 2015 I received a letter from Attorney/Per Diem Judge Fredrick Matson Kelley. He claimed he had been hired to buy back Kimberly 50% of our two Maui homes.

He sent a check for the amount of $73,659.77 post-dated, 02/24/14. Check number 4022.

Matson was in such a hurry with his fraud to steal an easy two million from me he didn't realize I had not even purchased the property until 05/2014, three months after he sent his fraudulent check! I have his post-dated check for any fact-checkers.

Matson could have gone to the auction himself and bought the homes, but then he would have had to invest 200K to make them habitable!

I called attorney Matson Kelley and suggested he may have misunderstood the recorded warranty deed and title report from 2001. See Title Report »

I suggested he reread the title, which granted us possession. I explained what was written on the Title report - that Kimberly had legally quit-claimed any and all of her rights away in 2001. Her mother wrote this quit-claim, who then had her attorney record and attach to the title; this document legally superseded all past deeds.

Matson Kelley calmly threatened me with lawsuits that would cost me a fortune if I did not quit-claim 50% of our homes to him immediately.

Kelley's threats gave me the impression that he was attempting to gain a 50% interest from our property illegally. After over four years of legal battles, this well-used con became a reality with his mentor’s help, Maui’s Chief Judge, Joseph Cardoza.

At the time, we had no idea that Kelley's mentor and close friend, and officemate of close to 20 years was the Chief Judge of Maui, Joseph E. Cardoza. Both shared at the same courthouse in which the case was going to be tried.

Note as this is interesting; try finding a picture of these two close acquaintances online. It can't be done as they have none. Why?

Possibly they’re afraid someone may connect the dots and or their connection?

Also, try finding a case that Matson Kelley lost in Maui while Cardoza, his mentor, was the chief judge?

It was with Maui's chief judge, Joseph Cardoza with protege, Matson Kelley, and David Whittenburg who all had a vested interest whose attempt to manipulate the tile report that fraud was committed.

Note: two of the men, Dr. David Whittenburg and Matson Kelley, had previously set up an LLC where they placed my homes before they began the fraud of saying they were hired by the mother rather than the daughter to buy back. The houses were always in their LLCs for their profit. Never another's as in the same fraud used against the native Hawaiians to steal their valuable lands.

When I located Quentin Wells, a former CIA agent, Quentin talked with the FBI about this brazen crime; he was instructed not to send the 2 feet of manipulated and falsified paperwork. Instead, just the "title report", as that's all that was needed to understand the crimes that Maui's chief judge, Cardoza was committing.

I also contacted the FBI agent that was recommended by Quentin Wells. I was transferred to a woman accommodating and urged me to send them just the title report. However, and unfortunately, I was unable to contact her again after this phone call for reasons unknown to me?

We became aware and started connecting the dots of favoritism from Maui’s chief judge Cardoza to his close friend and protégé per-diem judge/attorney, Matson Kelley.

I spent thousands of hours online researching the relationship between Cardoza and Fredrick. We sent our findings of the Cardoza's Family Tree to Andrew Chianese, my then appointed counsel from Terrance Reeve’s.

My email read: Attention Andrew Chianese, attached is Joseph's E. Cardoza and Fredrick Matson Kelly's family tree. It appears the chief judge, Cardoza, and Matson Kelley are related by marriage!

On June 28th, 2016, Andrew Chianese wrote back to me: "This is definitely something. I can potentially add the request for Joseph E. Cardoza to recuse himself in the motion to reconsider.

We could potentially get him under 2.11 if Matson is within the third degree of relationship with Cardoza, though from my reading of the definition, he is in the third degree with his sister and not his wife."

Judge Joseph E. Cardoza's sister resided in Santa Clara city, located in California. Attorney/Per-Diem judge Fredrick Matson Kelley also grew up in Santa Clara, California. COINCIDENCE? Why would Maui’s chief judge knowingly commit fraud unless it was for family, or someone just as special?

Back to the story. Please, note that Mr. Andrew Chianese worked for Terrance Revere, my first self-dealing attorney; now, he works for the plaintiff who robbed me. Andrew was the only honest attorney we had during this entire circus of a court case.

Plaintiff, hiring of Andrew Chianese was expected as Andrew was young, honest, and brilliant. Little wonder he was hired by the plaintiffs, as he alone could expose the facts and bring the entire corrupt land stealing empire down.

We believed full well at this time that if Andrew Chianese was allowed to work our case legitimately and without being handcuffed in the middle of my case by his boss, Terrance, it would have been easy for Andrew to have our case dismissed. But of course, in Matson Kelley’s back pocket was his mentor - Maui’s chief judge, Joseph Cardoza.

We feel Andrew alone has the combined knowledge with the ability to expose this crime ring. Hopefully, this young attorney’s first case with blatant fraud that goes against his idealism demands a salary that is satisfactory to keep this honest, law-abiding, and sincere young man silent, as now he works against his conscience which has to be a hard blow. Andrew was my oldest son's age and had the same integrity, as he said, his father was his most significant influence and was an honorable man. In an odd way, I felt Kimberly and Julia, like us, were victims. We felt Andrew was also used but, in the long run, and was forced to compromise his integrity.

On Mon, Jan 18, 2016, Andrew Chianese sent me an email stating, and I quote, “Opposing Counsel essentially agreed that it has only been assigned 50% of the redemption rights. And asked about a possible settlement.”

I instructed Andrew to do the calculations and come up with a number for plaintiffs to buy me out. Andrew came up with 1.2 million-plus attorney fees and explained to plaintiffs how he came up with this figure.

I okayed the letter asking why they would buy my half when it appears Matson Kelley’s mentor, the chief judge, is hell-bent on breaking any and all rules of law to make sure his protégé, Matson Kelley, gets 50% anyway?

Plaintiffs must have felt the same, as they declined the offer.

Just Who Is Fredrick Matson Kelley?

Fredrick Matson Kelley is an attorney/Per-Diem judge. Fredrick started the fraud about being hired so he could rob me and did indeed rob my family of our homes, with the help of Maui's chief judge.

On 06/02/2014, Mark E. Recktenwald, the Judge of the ninth circuit or Hawaii's supreme court, appointed Fredrick Matson Kelley to a Per-Diem judge, this position which involves counseling parents with children. This referral to a counseling position is similar to the fox guarding the henhouse.

The facts below alone prove Fredrick Matson Kelley of being a habitual self-dealing professional liar and a traitor to his sworn oath to protect and obey the law.

  • On 02/20/2015, his Hawaii Financial Disclosure or official public filings requested all his income and assets from 2013 to 2015.
  • Fredrick Matson Kelley deliberately falsified and did willingly and secretly withheld his assets on page two by not answering the request correctly for other income for services rendered in excess of 1,000 dollars.
  • Matson Kelley did, however, admit to owning, HieHie LLC which is worth a bit more than 1,000 dollars. These were my homes stolen by him and his mentor Chief Judge of Maui, Joseph E. Cardoza. Our stolen homes were worth about one million six hundred thousand dollars then, and more today.
  • Our homes were located at 1020 Hiehie Street in Maui. Matson Kelley also failed to reveal his other LLCs listed below. Note also Matson Kelley names all his LLCs after the street names, which he steals them from.

The LLCs below were not disclosed by Matson. Also, note the other LLCs named Waiehu are from the 277 acres stolen from the native Hawaiians.

  • Waiehu Regional Center LLC. Which was filed on 02/01/2013? File #102910 C5, registered agent Matson Kelley, a.k.a., Fredrick Matson Kelley.
  • Officers — William C. Gresham and Darin H. Okuyama, terminated 01/13/2014
  • Waiehu Restoration LLC. Filed 06/04/2014. file #117734 C5, Registered agent Matson Kelley, A.K.A., Fredrick Matson Kelley
  • Officers — Paul Wennes. Real estate investment.
  • KE Investment, LLC Filed 03/2/2015 File# 127060 C5, Registered agent Matson Kelley, A.K.A., Fredrick Matson Kelley

Fredrick Matson Kelley and his Mentor Chief judge, Joseph E. Cardoza, are indeed entwined in nefarious deeds, as the case below proves once again.

These same criminals, Judge Joseph E. Cardoza and his protégé, attorney/Per-Diem judge Matson Kelley, were also responsible for stealing 277 prime acres from natives Hawaiians while hiding behind LLC's titles. However, when LLCs and property deeds are revealed and reviewed, they belong to no other than Fredrick Matson Kelley and his partners in crime.

The thief of the religious Hawaiian natives, 277 acres, began in 2005 and ended in 2014. Then these avaricious, ambitious attorneys turned their attention to their next victim—my family.

In the Maui newspaper headlines on 6/3/2016 - Dozens of people were evicted, and structures were bulldozed on 277 acres at the top of "Malaihi Road" in Waiehu last month!

Maui’s Chief Judge Cardoza awarded Matson Kelley once again a ruling in his protégé's favor, Matson Kelley.

Thus, as in our case, the mob or plaintiff ran all the necessary paperwork through the courts.

That robbery ended in 2014. That horrendous crime again confirms Chief Judge Joseph Cardoza and Matson Kelley as administering a 'pattern-and-practice' of stealing properties and destroying peoples' lives.

Their victims were, too often, natives who were incapable of protecting their lands.

Even if these native Hawaiians were educated and were attorneys, they would still be predestined to lose as long as the case is started by Fredrick Matson Kelley, when in litigation or trial or during any so-called settlement that is rendered by Matson's Kelley's mentor and accomplice, Maui's chief judge Joseph Cardoza, who makes sure that his protégé, Matson Kelley, emerges victoriously. Like in our case, Joseph Cardoza boldly took over the case from the sitting judge Rhona Loo.

See article "Waiehu Property Cleared of People and Structures" written by Maui News.

Read the article for yourself and form your own opinion. It says Maui's chief judge, Joseph E. Cardoza, granted a request by the property owner, Waiehu Aina LLC. It is Fredrick Matson Kelley, who is hiding behind the LLC named Waiehu Aina? There was so much land taken that Fredrick Matson Kelley had to have many LLCs. He is the registered owner of most of them with accomplices. Steve Goodenow, who once again was hired by the landowner or Matson Kelley to coordinate the evictions. Who is Steve Goodenow? He is the detective who located the daughter Matson Kelley claimed hired him to steal my homes. When questioned by natives along with the newspaper people, who ordered the evictions, Steve Goodenow referred their questions to an attorney in Wailuku by the name of Fredrick Matson Kelley. This article goes on to say that Matson Kelley couldn't be reached for comment.

Once more his mentor, friend, and/or possibly uncle, Maui's chief judge - Joseph E. Cardoza - awarded the case again to his protégé and longtime officemate and friend, Matson Kelley.

I have copies that seem to no longer exist on the internet from all their LLC about how these criminals split the 277 acres.

Including actual property tax bills as further proof below, the attorneys and judges represented themselves in stealing the native's land next to a golf course.

  • Parcel number 320180470000 dated 8/21/2017, Location, 0 Malaihi Road, Kelly Fredrick and David Whittenburg as fee owners.
  • Parcel Number 320180130000, dated, 8/21,2017, Location, 0 Malaihi Road, Kelly Fredrick, fee owner.
  • Parcel Number 320180170000, dated 8/21/2017, Location, 0 Malaihi Road, Kelley Fredrick, fee owner.
  • Parcel Number 320180140000, dated 8/21/2017, Location 0 Malaihi Rd, Morris, William estate, and Kelley Fredrick as fee owners.

The address for all these LLCs and tax deeds was that which he shared for over 20 years with his mentor, Maui judge Joseph Cardoza: 24N Church St. suite 202. They shared the same office still and now the same Maui courthouse as judges.

There are many cases, such as mine and other unfortunate native Hawaiians being robbed by the same gang.

Back to Mr. Kelley's letter to us, Fredrick Matson Kelly falsely claimed many lies, such as the deceased Moana hired him to redeem our property. Then he was hired by Kimberly, the daughter of Moana Ramos, who Matson Kelley falsely claimed had inherited Ramos's 50% of the property and now wished to buy back that interest under the provision of the Hawaii tax redemption law.

Matson Kelley was actually repeating the same crime above as when he and Mentor Cardoza robbed the native Hawaiians of their 277 acres.

Matson Kelley wanted our property for himself, as he lived 5 minutes up the road from our properties. Matson knew that he could sell it for nearly two million dollars. Before his mentor, the chief judge awarded him our property or before Matson hired his detective to find a daughter with no claims to bribe with perjury as being heir to our property. Matson had my property in an LLC. That's how confident our homes would eventually and indelibly be by an enormous gift from his mentor, Maui Chief judge Cardoza, who risked his license and liberty for protégé Matson Kelley.

To obtain our property, he hired a private detective Steve Goodenow to locate Kimberly, who was living in Honolulu. Blatantly realizing but unconcerned, the truths were included with our title report.

Mr. Goodenow tracked down Kimberly; she was then bribed into participating in fraud with $10,000 (provided by Matson Kelley) to sign a document transferring her non-existent interest in our property to Fredrick Matson Kelley. There’s little doubt she was offered protection from perjury also, as in the upcoming depositing a year later when asked who paid for two expensive attorneys to both protect her at a deposition, both her appointed attornies objected simultaneously. That great truth would have been devastating to Matson’s fraud. However, it would have been overlooked by Maui’s Chief Judge, Cardoza, anyway.

Since she had no interest in our property, the document she signed was legally meaningless. However, Matson Kelley nevertheless used it to claim that he now had a manufactured interest in the property we had purchased. As a licensed attorney, Mr. Kelley knew his claimed interest was utterly false, yet he was unwilling or unable to understand a legal tax sale or the validity of our ownership of the property.

As the facts of the sale proved authentic and legal, Matson Kelley twisted his knowledge of the law and realized his friend and mentor Maui's chief judge, Joseph E. Cardoza, would back him of this crime of fraudulently using unethical methods for fulfilling his objective of gaining our homes ten minutes from his primary residence. Thus, he created an absurd and illegal method of trying to trick the sitting judge Rhona Loo; Matson Kelley created a "red herring," an unlawful and absurd affidavit that deliberately was misleading but skillfully written designed to confuse any homeowner or ignorant attorney I might hire, away from the truth of the factual and legal tax deed.

Matson Kelley's backup plan was his confidence in his mentor, Maui's chief judge, Joseph's Cardoza's ability to bribe or coerce any attorney I would hire into taking my case on a wild goose chase, written to distract from the truth that our purchase was legal and final.

Matson’s skillfully written red herring or distraction of an absurd and illegal so-called affidavit was so ridiculous with twisted facts. At the first hearing, then sitting Judge Rhona Loo was not fooled; Rhonda Loo shouted at the case document’s absurdity in front of her; I quote as I was at this first hearing.

"You have nothing!" This could have been written by anyone!" She then said, "You have no will, trust, or probates to support such claims, only an affidavit that could have been written by anyone!" This turned out to be true.

As Fredrick Matson Kelley was the only other person at this hearing, sitting in the rear seats with a smug smile on his face, he was the one who wrote the phony affidavit. The sitting judge, Rhonda Loo, spoke these words loudly with disgust and contempt in her voice.

I glanced over my shoulder, and Matson’s smug smile had disappeared temporarily.

No Doubt when he heard the sitting judge's words, saying they had no case, he rushed to his mentor, Joseph Cardoza, and informed him that Rhona Loo, the sitting judge, was not fooled. Hence, mentor Joseph E. Cardoza took over the case.

Later as the case progressed, my appointed counsel, from the first hired attorney, Terrance Revere, a Mr. Andrew D. Chianese, asked why Cardoza was allowed to take over a sitting judge's case? The chief judge, Joseph E. Cardoza, claimed he was familiar with the case!

Below is our story that boggles the imagination, that was allowed to proceed by Matson's Kelley's mentor and accomplice in crime, Maui's chief judge, Joseph Cardoza.

Maui Courtroom Crimes: A Mistake, or Willful Blindness?

In the courthouse outside as defendants, it appeared Judge Cardoza infiltrated our case by overtaking Loo's designated authority as a sitting judge. This made me question, was the sitting judge Rhonda Loo awarded her position as sitting judge as "Tokenism"?

It appeared painfully obvious that Rhonda Loo was perhaps awarded this status to provide the illusion of sexual and racial equality, as she is Hawaiian?

Was this a skillful tactic used to con the native Hawaiians that the real men in charge are perhaps not prejudiced when it comes to native Hawaiians, the born citizens, for generations? Why would a sitting judge show "Willful Blindness" toward any case?

FYI, after my case was unlawfully handed over to the plaintiff, Rhonda Loo suddenly came into a large amount of money. Did this enable her to purchase such property? Or the below link submitted by their spy/mole to cast a shadow of doubt on this true story?

Link: Condos Purchased by Rhonda Loo

The link above may or may not prove that she then purchased condos at the cost of close to a million dollars right after she allowed our case to be granted to her boss, Cardoza. Does this make her an accomplice?

Not sure, as this hyperlink was produced and emailed to me by their mole or spy. It’s not our concern. Plus, they may be fabricated to cast a shadow of doubt on this real story. We have no argument with Rhonda Loo, as doubtful; she had no choice in contradicting her boss, Cardoza, Maui’s chief judge. Who knows of the consequences to her career? It’s not for me to judge her, as I feel she too is a victim.

After all, I attended the first hearing and heard the emotion in her voice was the audacity of the foolish affidavit. Rhonda Loo saw straight through it.

After receiving Matson Kelley's letter, we were advised by our California attorney to hire an attorney who was licensed to practice law in Hawaii. She referred to me "Terrance M. Revere."

Hi Terry, Mr. Giordano has given me permission to forward the documents to you. To sum the situation up, Mr. Giordano purchased a property on Maui through a county tax lien sale, we are now about 9 months in, (follow below string - I will send a couple of emails with docs)

My take... the property appears to have been titled in Moana ---- and Julia ---- as tenants in common, and the taxes were assessed against both, an heir Kimberly (daughter of Moana) through attorney Matson Kelly of Maui, has asserted a right of redemption. There is NO probate that I can see and Moana died intestate, title never passed, and this attorney is not representing Julia, Julia has not exercised a right of redemption; however, attorney Kelley is demanding that the entire property be quitclaimed back to Kimberly alone, which can’t be right, as her mother was only half owner. It is clear on the itemized tax liens and lien release that Julia and Moana both owned the property but there is not a word in attorney Kelly's letters about Julia, he actually deliberately misstated how title moved on this property,

Hope this all works out, regards,

Eileen R. Simon
Law Offices of Esra Jung

After reviewing the case, Terrance Revere sent his letter below to Matson Kelley.

This letter was sent before realizing who Matson Kelley was and his connection to Maui's judge Cardoza.

Ironically, we hired Terrance M. Revere. After all, he was referred to us because he had won a nearly four-million-dollar settlement in a similar case on the island of Molokai. We didn’t learn until over a year later, when it became apparent that Terrance did not have our best interest in mind. It was the same Chief Judge, Joseph E. Cardoza, who awarded Mr. Revere and his clients the most significant payout win of his career. Terrance's success was even published in the newspaper, with help from Maui’s Joseph Cardoza.

Within a few months, we learned that our attorney also had a private working agreement with Judge Cardoza that prevented him from acting in our interests and instead caused him to work against us in the proceedings that followed.

April 15, 2015

Dear Mr. Kelley,

This letter is in response to your previous attempts to force Mr. Giordano to execute a "Quit-claim Deed" transferring title to the property located at TMK (2)2-4-021-007-0000 to your client, Ms. Kimberly Caspillo.

First, it is not clear that your client has the standing to assert a taxpayer's right of redemption. The property was deeded to her mom, Mrs. Moana Penelope Martin Ramos, and her mom's sister, Julia Keikioewa Talifolau, as tenants in common in 1987. A later recorded deed dated 2001 was ineffective to divest Mrs. Talifolau of her interest in the property. Upon Moana Ramos's death, her property interest transferred to Mrs. Julia Talifolau. Therefore, the title is in Mrs. Talifolau, not Mrs. Caspillo.

Second, Mr. Giordano invested a significant amount of money after purchasing the property to rehabilitate the house and garage. At the time of purchase last year, the property was uninsurable because it was filthy and falling apart at the seams (see enclosed photos). Any purchase price or litigation bond must include the full amount of these improvements, which total over 100K at this time. Litigation will also flush out whether or not any criminal theft occurred before your client vacated the property last July as the copper pipes were sawed off before Mr. Giordano was able to take possession of the property from Mrs. Talifolau and other tenants. This matter also affects the purchase price.

Third, given the substantial investment our client has made and your client's failure to pay taxes or maintain this property in a sanitary condition for many years, it appears that Mrs. Caspillo is merely acting as a front for a third-party investor who may wish to flip the property. This violates the underlying public policy of H.R.S. §246-60, which is to allow a bonafide property owner and homeowner the opportunity to recover their residence.

In summary, this is not a straightforward case of redemption. Our client has made a substantial investment in this property that is not reflected in your offered purchase price of $78,000. Further, Mr. Giordano is not interested in participating in a fraudulent property transfer as the 2001 deed raises serious questions about whether your client comes to this transaction with clean hands and even has title to the property. Finally, Mr. Giordano is not interested in selling this property.

For these reasons, on behalf of our clients, we respectfully decline your purchase offer.

There are no available legal documents on record since this date legalizing Kimberly back on the title. Nor did she come forward when her mom passed away in regard to possible probate. Please see the pictures also sent in attachments, and perhaps you will get an idea, why. Perhaps the pictures also may explain why no taxes have been paid dating back to 1987 when the inheritance was recorded.

- Terrance M. Revere

Note; by reading the title report, Terrance was also able to view the facts.

He points out a later recorded deed, dated 2001, was ineffective to divest Mrs. Talifolau of her interest in the property. Upon Moana Ramos's death, her property interest transferred to Mrs. Julia Talifolau. Therefore, the title is in Mrs. Talifolau's name, not Mrs. Caspillo.

Meanwhile, two months after Terrance sends his first and only letter to Plaintiffs, Julia Keikioewa does indeed contact an attorney specializing in Hawaii's redemption laws. We received our first letter written and dated May 11, 2015, from Mr. Paul L. Horikawa who's letter seemed genuine with his request. It stated that Julia wished to buy back the property, "which was her right, under Hawaii's redemption period of law." This devastated us as we knew Julia could do this but realized we would at least receive all our cash back for taxes plus the cost of repairs.

We felt Julia deserved the homes her father built. After a few days of reflecting upon our situation, we felt our time and cost for repairs were well spent.

We considered selling our belongings or donating them to Julia as it would cost as much to return to us and would genuinely benefit her new life.

We received a second letter nine days later by the exact Attorney Paul Horikawa, dated May 11, 2015. It was a retraction letter advising us that Julia hereby cancels her notice to redeem, and apologies for any inconveniences. See the letters from Paul here »

Is it possible within those nine days that Mr. Horikawa found out that the homes were already in the process of being stolen by none other than the Chief Judge who was and would be presided over all his past and would continue in the future cases?

Little wonder Julia’s legal redemptions were tossed overboard or rejected. In a matter of 10 days, with no explanation.

This Marks The Beginning of Terrance M. Revere's Treachery

The above letter dated April 15, 2015, was sent to Matson Kelley by our newly appointed attorney, Terrance M. Revere.

It was our Hawaii-based attorney's first response to Matson Kelley, plaintiff, and was sent before he realized who was actually suing us. Ironically, we hired Terrance M. Revere because he was referred to us because he had won a nearly four-million-dollar settlement in a similar case on the island of Molokai. We did not learn until months later that it was the same Chief Judge, Joseph E. Cardoza, who awarded Mr. Revere and his clients the enormous payout wins of his career. We learned much later that our attorney Terrance apparently also had a private working agreement with Judge Cardoza that prevented him from acting in our interests and instead caused him to work against us in the proceedings that followed.

Matson Kelley filed a complaint on May 15, 2015, seeking to redeem the property we had purchased. He acted on his own behalf and stated in his complaint that he had previously purchased the (non-existent) interest of Kimberly (including her legally signed away redemption right) from her.

Our attorney, Mr. Revere, actually advised us to nothing until we were legally served with the complaint.

Terrance sent me an email to do nothing! More of Terrance Revere aiding and abetting plaintiffs.

This failure to act gave the plaintiff a five-month head start at the beginning of the case, during which time they took several actions, none of which we were informed of and all of which our attorney allowed to go forward without any effort to object or protect our interests in any manner. Plus, his costs were mounting to break me financially?

Thus my attorney, Terrance’s failure to respond to a hearing, allowed plaintiff Matson Kelley to file for a premature and illegal probate hearing. Cardoza, Matson, and Whittenburg reinstate Kimberly as an heir of Moana Ramos. Although she had relinquished her interest in the property many years earlier, this illegal probate hearing was allowed to proceed by the mentor and accomplice, Chief Judge Joseph Cardoza. Kimberly thus became an additional plaintiff in the case. Even though she had never met Matson Kelley, Kimberly claimed in an unnecessary and costly deposition she did not want the property, nor did she hire Matson Kelley, who was lying about trying to redeem in her name.

Read full deposition by Kimberly Caspillo »

Next, the plaintiff created an emergency ex parte motion for leave to deposit the estimated redemption amount with the court long after the redemption period had been closed. Again, this illegal motion was initiated and allowed to proceed by an accomplice, Maui’s chief judge Cardoza.

Note: it was reviewed at great expense in the future to me and deemed illegal then thrown out by a superior court. However, Judge Joseph Cardoza and sitting judge Rhona Loo amazingly ignored higher court rulings once again.

More Of Terrance M. Revere's Treachery

The plaintiff finally served their complaint on our attorney, Terrance M. Revere, on August 5, 2015. The return of service was filed three months after the original complaint was filed, during which time our attorney had deliberately made no response to the complaint and had recorded nothing with the court. Because of Mr. Revere's willful failure to respond to the complaint, the plaintiff moved for entry of a default judgment against us on August 23, 2015. Judgment was duly awarded, but not by the sitting judge for the case, Rhonda Loo.

In her stead, Matson Kelley's mentor and co-conspirator, Chief Judge Joseph E. Cardoza, awarded the default judgment to his protégé, Matson, without notice or hearing to us.

Finally, after months of pleading that our attorney, Terrance M. Revere, act professionally in our interest, it became apparent to us that his past and projected future connection with Judge Cardoza was of more value to him than his hourly billing that we paid to his firm. He simply ignored all our attempts to speak with him directly and instead had his secretary inform us that he was unavailable.

Terrance M. Revere, Esq. advertises himself as "the most benevolent dictator" of Revere & Associates, LLC in 'paradise.' He is widely known as a double-dealing agent for the 'Cardoza branch' of Hawaii's Judicial Mob.

After repeated efforts to contact Terrance had failed, Mr. Revere actually withdrew from representing us.

Terrance Revere’s then passed our case to his newly hired young attorney, Andrew Chianese. Perhaps, Terrance felt being new, Andrew would be overmatched and lose the case for Terrance not to have to dirty his hands.

Terrance was incorrect, thinking he hired a young man who would be overmatched by a handful of the most skilled attorneys about the law.

BTW: going back a couple of weeks, Terrance appointed a woman attorney to represent us, Lay Anna Lay, a pleasant female attorney who, after two conversations with her, I got the impression she was working for the plaintiff rather than for us. I refused to have her continue as our attorney. A week later, she did in fact start working for the plaintiff's attorney, Matson Kelley's hired firm, taking with her all of her own and Mr. Revere's knowledge of our case.

This information was shared with me by Terrance’s Reveres newly appointed attorney, Andrew Chianese.

Mr. Revere’s newly licensed but gifted attorney, Andrew Chianese, immediately requested all the relevant documents concerning the case, and the plaintiff's secretaries responded on February 19, 2015. The papers they provided included, apparently by mistake, an authentic invoice from both Matson's partner David Whittenburg for a title search and a bill from private investigator Steve Goodenow.

Andrew assured me that this invoice was highly damaging to the plaintiff's position in the case. It showed conclusively that the plaintiffs were not hired by Kimberly, as Matson claimed in his letter to me.

But instead, Matson's Partner, David Whittenburg in the newly formed Hiehie LLC conducted a title search for our property in 2014, looking for clues for whom Matson could possibly bribe, corrupt, or con so he could claim some sort of alliance or partnership in which to steal our property. Matson chose Kimberly as his weak link.

Once he had his next victim, Kimberly, Matson Kelley again hired and appointed "special administrator" Steve Goodenow, at the cost of $3,699.67 to find Kimberly. This is the same Steve Goodenow, whom he hired for the newspaper story, which tells of his theft from the Hawaiian natives of their 277 acres.

Note: Matson's research was done months before he claimed he was hired by Moana Ramos or Kimberly. How can this be true? Excellent question, the documents I have are facts already documented that can't be contested. See supporting documents »

Although, as noted above, Kimberly had no right to make a redemption claim because she had previously quit-claimed all of her interest in the property to her mother Moana Ramos in 2001, this fact was simply ignored by the plaintiffs and both judges who were peers to the per-diem judge Matson Kelley. Both peer judges still allowed this fraudulent redemption claim entirely based on Kimberly's non-existent interest in the property. This fraudulent claim was then, as previously described, legitimized through the court by the unethical and illegal actions of the plaintiff, Matson Kelley, the inaction of our attorney Terrance Revere, and the improper and unethical rulings of Chief Judge Joseph E. Cardoza was corruption.

Note: we realize Kimberly was also a victim of this fraud, most of which were perpetrated without her knowledge and in reliance upon unethical advice given her by Matson Kelley and others; Kimberly at least received $10,000 in payment for the ordeal the conspirators put her through. Kimberly was supplied with two of the best attorneys in Hawaii to protect her from perjury at the deposition; naturally, the two attorneys were also provided to protect Matson Kelley and his clan’s criminal activities.

The most blatant of crimes of audacity from Matson Kelley was to claim that if Kimberly was the daughter, she had the right to purchase back our property. The title report we researched and were given at the time of sale had already documented that Kimberly was indeed the daughter and many other relevant facts. However, the title report also had in writing Kimberly's mother, Moana Ramos, quit-claim deed of removal of Kimberly interest and Kimberly husband removed. This fact cannot be contested as it's a matter of public record or history noted and recorded. However, Matson's absurd misdirection was one that we or any paralegal, let alone a homeowner or expert, could see as meaningless. All Matson's falsified documents were called out at first as worthless and would have been written by the sitting judge Rhonda Loo if not for mentor Cardoza.

I hired another attorney who used to practice in Hawaii that was familiar with redemption laws in Hawaii.

We had a consultation with an attorney, Dow Patten, who formally specialized in Hawaiian real estate redemption laws. We asked about the daughter, Kimberly, having any interest in the property under the terms of Hawaii's redemption program. He informed us that he would need at least ten hours, "at $600 per hour," to review all documents up to that point.

Mr. Patten confirmed our suspicions.
Mr. Patten concluded from his ten hours of research that:

Suppose a will, trust or probate, could not be proven. Kimberly could not buy back an interest in the property since allowing her to do so would violate two laws in Hawaii. The homestead act of 1920 and the underlying public policy of H.R.S. 246-60; which would enable only legal property owners the opportunity to recover their residence following a tax sale.

When the property and the homes on it were auctioned in 2014 for non-payment of taxes for the past 26 years, that sale became final because no documents purporting to be a will, trust, or probate of Moana Ramos were brought forward - and also because her daughter, Kimberly, had not previously obtained any interest in the property under the Homestead Act. When Kimberly signed the quit-claim deed disposing of her interest in the property in 2001, she also signed away her birthright interest as a Hawaiian native. His letter was sent in the mail, plus emailed to Terry or Terrance Revere, as Terrance uses both names.

I've added Dow Patten’s letter as the plaintiff argued they never received the notice of Serion V. Thornton’s case.

Not only does Mr. Patten’s letter show proof that Terrance Revere received Mr. Patten's information on February 1, 2016, it proves Mr. Patten did indeed email it to both Terry Revere and his associates and even to Andrew, my appointed council at the time of his findings.

The 6-page letter was written from our hired attorney located in San Francisco, Dow Patten, as the plaintiff argued they never received the notice of Serion V. Thornton’s case.

Dow added too much information to list here but said Matson violated a conflict of interest law, also mis-sites to the Maui code at “3.148.270." The correct citation is 3.48.270, and it also mentions if Plaintiffs can provide or prove the daughter did indeed have a will, trust, probate, or was assigned as an heir, the best Matson can obtain was 50% of the title. They could not! This is important as his mentor, at the end of the case shamelessly awarded his Mentor/and 20-year close friend the entire property.

See Dow Patten Research Letter »

Back to the story, my first hired attorney Terrance Reveres, only after realizing his friend Maui’s chief judge was behind the crimes of committing robbery against my family of our properties, deliberately began forcing Matson's red herring down my throat at the time, in case a backup plan was needed for plaintiffs to fall back on, to suggest, “well, Kimberly is the daughter, so plaintiffs’ case is valid.” This incredible and absurd fact was eventually used as they had nothing, as judge Ronda Loo said at the very first court hearing.

When we or any attorney we hired would point out this simple fact in writing - Kimberly had no wills, probates, or trust and was removed legally and had made no efforts ever to pay any taxes - my still then-attorney Terrance revere continued to stall any legal actions from me and force Kimberly’s non-existent so-called right of possible ownership down my throat as a way to misdirect me, handing Plaintiff more than enough time to run necessary papers through the court system chronically according to courthouse procedures.


This fraud was ignored by then sitting judge Rhonda Loo, which made her a co-conspirator in the crime. The sitting judge Rhonda Loo allowed attorneys’ repeated objections of Cordoza and his protégé, Matson Kelley, to create and use their own so-called emergency probate, even when both judges received documents from a higher court less than a year later that deemed their self-dealing probate illegal. Both the sitting judge Rhonda and chief judge Cardoza continued to acknowledge the falsified fact that Kimberly had the right to buy back the properties.

Who could challenge this fraud? My attorney was in their back pocket.

That verdict read by Judge Loo, but was signed by Judge Cardoza, allowed the sitting judge, Rhonda Loo, to choose willful blindness to Chief Judge Joseph E. Cardoza’s verdict. Cardoza was responsible for approving the motion and took over jurisdiction to stale the case further. His subordinate Rhonda Loo could have simply chosen to keep her job instead of enforcing the law she was sworn to uphold. Without incriminating herself, she merely turned a “blind eye” to the facts and allowed the Emergency Ex-Parte Probate to go forward by reading into the court to record the motion signed by her superior, Judge Joseph Cardoza.

Again, Maui’s Chief judge, Cardoza, continued aiding and abetting his mentor, Matso Kelley, by abusing his court-appointed powers vested in him.

Neither the daughter, Kimberly, nor the Giordano family or their attorney was made aware of the ex-parte proceeding or had any part in it. The fact that the redemption period had passed two years earlier, and that the daughter, Kimberly, was not entitled to sell or give away property rights she did not own, and that a valid sale of the property had already been made and paid for were all ignored.

It wasn’t ironic. It was deliberate the only participants in the emergency ex-parte probate hearing - held behind closed doors - were Chief Judge Joseph E. Cardoza, his protege Matson Kelley, and his partner in the LLC and special administrator David Whittenburg, who worked for and was represented by Matson Kelley's law firm. These were the same persons who created HieHie LLC, the fraudulent proceeding that was to gain financially from it. Unbelievable? Welcome to my so-called court case! Conflict of interest throughout this so-called case, being played out for ominous reasons. Little wonder we always felt the victims in a crime drama horror movie.

Moving Back to our Kangaroo Court Case

Andrew D. Chianese informed us well over a year prior that Steve Goodenow's invoice was an essential document and that he would present it in court at the right time if needed.

Andrew then filed an objection to the emergency Ex Parte probate, saying he was not notified of the proceeding and, in his opinion, the only emergency was to permit the plaintiff to obtain our property illegally. Andrew also suggested that a lien be placed on the property by us to prevent the title from being stolen by Matson Kelley or by who he even thought at the time might just well be Matson's Kelley's uncle - Chief judge, Joseph Cardoza.

On February 20, 2016, the illegal but approved emergency ex-parte hearing was indeed granted by sitting judge Rhonda Loo. This violation after the redemption period had passed, allowed by sitting judge Rhona Loo.

Our attorney, Terrance M. Revere, did not object to the emergency ex-parte motion. Instead, Mr. Revere removed his appointed attorney, Mr. Chianese, from our case. Terrance then took charge of our case personally, as Terrance did prior to writing the letter to Matson Kelley. Terrance then allowed the plaintiff to do whatever they wished to enforce their fraudulent case to "steal my property." It was then when Terrance M. Revere finally wrote, informing us that the plaintiff needed entry to our homes at 1020 Hiehie Street, we realized our suspicions: Terrance was indeed working for the plaintiffs instead of us.

At first, we refused, but Mr. Revere told us that the plaintiff could and would get a court order to gain entry, which I would be obligated to pay for their time.

I eventually caved in and allowed them entry, not knowing or being told that the realtor who entered came to do an appraisal of how much rent and liability we would owe Matson Kelley for using the property for the 60 days we were there repairing both properties. That's correct: in the four years of ownership, we spent just 60 days there, mainly working - plus, had hired a full-time gardener for those four years.

Next, incredibly, Mr. Revere asked us to sign back over the lien; Andrew Chianese, his own appointed attorney, had filed and recorded for our protection. We refused and finally were forced to fire Mr. Terrance Revere. It became clear that Terrance was not working in our interest but was part of the fraud being perpetrated against us. We had to find another attorney. We requested a two-month time to do so.

Cardoza only allowed us a mere two weeks.

We were desperate, thus emailed Andrew if we could get an extension to give us the necessary time needed to hire another attorney, but Chief Judge Joseph Cardoza denied this reasonable request.

Even with our doctors showing proof, we had contracted Lyme disease and needed time to recover, plus research to choose another attorney.

Both the chief and sitting judge continued the “blind eye to justice.” This allowed their partner in crime, Fredrick Matson Kelley, to obtain the fraudulent rights legally documented to show anyone from a higher court or perhaps a curious news journalist that the entire case including the affidavit, emergency ex-parte hearing or false claim of being hired from the start was a blatant disregard for the rules of law.

Maui's chief judge, Joseph E. Cardoza, and sitting judge, Rhonda Loo, continued aiding and abetting their peer, per-diem judge, Fredrick Matson Kelley, even further.

I had only two weeks to find new counsel as I knew no one from Maui would represent me for fear of their careers. We searched the big island and had little choice as time was running out and hired an attorney named Paul Sulla. I told him my story over the phone, explaining Kimberly was the daughter but was used as a desperate and deliberate con of misdirection in case an attorney could not be bribed or cause might be found.

LIGHTNING STRIKES US AGAIN. As Mentor Cardoza only allowed two weeks to find new counsel, we had no time to research properly. My girlfriend saw a picture of Paul Sulla, with three Hawaiian women in the photo, which made him look like a caring man. Had we been given ample time, we may have Googled, "PAUL SULLA", and SIMPLY ADDED THE WORD "FRAUD".

See Article: Attorney Indicted For Alleged Forged Deed, Real Estate Theft

So with only two weeks to find new counsel, we were forced to seek counsel on the big island of Hawaii and choose the firm of Paul J. Sulla Jr, Attorney at law, who claimed he specializes in real estate and fraud.

We learned too late that Paul Sulla did indeed know all about real estate fraud, as he was at this time also on trial for fraud for the same crime I hired him to expose!

Upon hearing what took place with our case, Paul J. Sulla said, "Maui is a cesspool of corruption" and that the appointed law firm for the plaintiff was no more than a 'glorified collection agency.'

And after reading the title report, Paul Sulla agreed and acknowledged that saying that Kimberly was the daughter was a desperate and deliberate con of misdirection in case an attorney could not be bribed or joined in the mockery.

Originally Paul commented, "can’t anyone read a damned title report? It clearly shows she has no rights.”

Even after Paul mentions this fact, he too later got on board with this absurd claim.

After Paul Sulla reviewed our case file, Paul said there were two cases to be dealt with: (1) fraud in the form of the emergency ex-parte probate, and (2) the illegal redemption claim that followed it. Paul said that if he appealed it to a higher court, the probate fraud would be thrown out, as it was not legal, and we could then deal with the redemption issue.

Paul's retainer fee would cost me $30,000.00 to take the case, I agreed as I was beaten up and desperate.

I was told not to send a check as he would have to pay taxes on the money earned, so instead, Paul had me send the retainer fee from two separate credit cards. In this way, he claimed he could avoid paying taxes.

This should have alerted me to Paul's ethics; however, I was too demoralized and easily manipulated.

Paul originally got off to a great start which we then reluctantly hoped to trust and have faith in his abilities in removing this fraud case.

He first had Cardoza’s illegal probate overturned by the Third Circuit Court.

The third circuit electronically filed Intermediate court of appeals CAPP-16-0000749, 04-April-2017, at 08:19 AM.

This four-page motion to dismiss for lack of appellate Jurisdiction was signed by Leonard, presiding Judge, and two associate judges Reiforth and Ginoza. It's detailed and written, among other truths. (regarding the three requirements for the collateral order doctrine) ; HRS 641-1(b) (regarding the requirements for an appeal from an interlocutory order). Absent an appealable HPR Rule34 final judgment or interlocutory order, we lack appellate jurisdiction, and appellant Giordano’s appeal is premature. Therefore, it is hereby ordered that Appellee Wittenburgs February 16, 2017 motion to dismiss appellate court Case number CAAP-16-0000749 is granted, and Appellant court case is dismissed for lack of appellate jurisdiction. Dated Honolulu, Hawaii April 4, 2017.

Appellate jurisdiction includes the power to reverse or modify the lower court's decision; this was produced to reverse Maui's Chief judges, Joseph E. Cardoza’s illegal decision circumvent self-serving probates. With Matson Kelley’s special administrator that claimed an emergency exists such that he, David Whittenburg, a member of Hie Hie LLC, be appointed as special administrator to declare an emergency exists for probate without a hearing.


David Wittenberg and Matson Kelley are both members of HieHie LLC, the crooks who gained financially from the theft of my homes. Another conflict of interest.

Even with the third circuit's higher ranking, neither the sitting judge Rhonda Loo who rendered the original probate verdict, or Maui’s Chief Judge, Joseph E. Cardoza, acknowledged the reversal. Both judges, Joseph E. Cardoza, Maui's chief judge, and sitting judge Rhona Loo, amazingly, turned a “blind eye" yet again to the decision rendered by the Third Circuit (supposedly) a higher court that removed their self-dealing illegal and premature emergency ex-parte order. Obviously, they had a more ominous reason to ignore the rulings. The sitting judge, Rhonda Loo, as well as the Chief judge of Maui, Cardoza, also continued to ignore the fact that there was no real legal case as Matson's Kelley's claimed at the beginning by dismissing the title report written by Old Republic national insurance company as a litigation guarantee, Guarantee No. A50001-LITA-152595 order No. 6707001127. Note: Old Republic is one of the most trusted title companies in the world. This tax deed was granted by the mayor, Alan M. Arakawa, which held the truth that the daughter had signed off any and all rights in 2001.

This circus of law showmanship now in the new ringmasters’ hands, Paul Sulla continues with now what I felt was a useless deposition as we knew Kimberly was Moana's daughter. This information was on the title report. Perhaps Paul Sulla had to make it seem official. He was capable of exposing this fraud.

I continue to explain, "We know Kimberly is the real daughter. Stop wasting my money and time on a deliberate and misleading affidavit." Paul Sulla continued to suggest a deposition is necessary, and we'll get all the cash back when he exposes them.

Then hopefully get a dismissal and start a punitive damage case.

I had no choice but to agree to Paul Sulla's deposition request, and its expenses.

Paul J. Sulla does indeed set up a deposition during which his associate, Lockey E. White, deposed Kimberly and extracted facts from her despite the fact she had not one but two attorneys representing her.

In a deposition made two years after this fraud was started, it's proven Fredrick Matson Kelley was a liar and thief. I paid a fortune to be told what we already knew; Matson Kelley was a crook. Kimberly repeatedly admitted that she did not know Matson Kelley and did not hire him as an attorney and had not ever met Matson Kelley.

Read full deposition by Kimberly Caspillo »

This was a two-hour deposition; I will highlight some of the blatant and pointless lies since I was led in this intentional direction to stale the case further and break me financially and mentally.

When Kimberly was asked why she did not attend the emergency ex-parte order when she was the sole beneficiary of the probate proceeding and the person the plaintiff claimed to represent, Kimberly stated for the record that she did not want the property described in the probate nor to get involved in the probate proceeding. Attorney Lockey White, Paul J. Sulla's appointed attorney to handle my case, asked this question repeatedly to establish beyond doubt that Fredrick Matson Kelley, the attorney who claimed to represent Kimberly in the probate proceeding, had lied about being hired to represent her.

When Kimberly was asked why she would sell house’s worth possibly $800,000 before we spent two years repairing them for a mere $10,000 - the sum Fredrick Matson Kelley had bribed her for her non-existent interest in the property - Kimberly responded with, "I did not want it if I had any rights to it at all."

This is also worth mentioning on other documents, Matson claims she quitclaimed him the homes for ten dollars.

When asked several times whether she knew the attorney Fredrick Matson Kelley, who claimed to be hired by her to represent her mother's estate, Kimberly responded, "I did not know him or hire him."

When Kimberly was asked, "are you aware the Matson Kelley claims in writing, you asked him to represent you then hired a detective service to find you at a cost of close to $4,000 dollars," both of her attorneys, who were hired by Fredrick Matson Kelley to protect her interest and his own, objected and said the question was based on hearsay with no evidence to back it up. Ms. White then produced the invoice from The Hawaii Investigative Group, LLC by Steve Goodenow, for service rendered for the location of Kimberly Castillo & obtaining documents. This bill, dated Feb 19, 2015, was sent directly to the law office of Matson Kelley and signed by Matson Kelley. The balance due to Steve Goodenow was $3699.67.

Before Kimberly could respond to the original question, one of Kimberly's attorneys shouted, "I was not aware of this document. In fact, it's privileged information. I wish it back and for it to be stricken from this and all records."

[Note: This is 'evidence tampering,' a misdemeanor in Hawaii. In this instance, the evidence raises a probable cause of conspiracy to defraud for stealing a million property 'under color of law.' The mailing of such documents for purposes to defraud and commit 'Theft in the First Degree' could also raise the claim of mail fraud that could be punishable by up to twenty years in prison. No wonder Matson Kelley's accomplice squawked! The evidence was devastating to their case.]

Ms. White declined the attorney's demand for the document’s return, and Kimberly stated she was not aware of the search for her by Steve Goodenow or its cost.

Kimberly was a woman of modest means. When asked how she could afford two expensive attorneys to defend her and who paid her fees, both attorneys again strenuously objected because they represented Kimberly but were being paid by Matson Kelley. If this fact became part of Kimberly's testimony, Kelley would be revealed as having fabricated a corrupt proceeding and would be liable with his associates in the scheme for punitive damages and criminal prosecution. Kimberly did not respond to this question, but the conspiracy continued. White had developed sufficient evidence in Kimberly’s deposition to potentially win our case. The fraud of Matson Kelley, and Joseph E. Cardoza was indeed exposed at this deposition.

Despite the revelations of this deposition, Ms. White told me over the cell phone the same day that I may as well sign the property over to the plaintiff as the chief judge Joseph Cardoza was hell-bent on ruling in plaintiffs' favor, no matter the facts of the case. Ms. White then informed us we could and should open a new case at the federal level to regain all our monies back and sue Matson Kelley for punitive damages.

Read full deposition by Kimberly Caspillo »

Before we could act on Ms. Lockey Whites, suggestion or even celebrate the fact that the fraud had finally been exposed by Ms. White in the deposition, Paul J. Sulla, Ms. White's boss, called me the very next day and said, "the case was over, and the plaintiffs won." He said that despite what Kimberly had revealed about the fraud, the chief judge of Maui, Joseph E. Cardoza was of the mindset that Kimberly's failure to get involved did not matter.

This case became surreal after the deposition, as it was obvious Paul Sulla now blatantly sided with plaintiffs for his own personal benefits. I felt handcuffed and trapped in a state of shock.

We couldn’t imagine this real-life, horrendous machination of the Cardoza/Kelley judicial scheme.

However, this mind-boggling and fraudulent court case was carried out “under color of law” and was to our sorrow, indeed, nonfiction.

Now it was time for the planned betrayal by Paul Sulla; and his planned exploitation of me and my family

Attorney Paul J. Sulla then said, "we have no options left," and "should settle." I couldn't believe that he would say that or that he proposed settling in the plaintiffs' favor. I screamed I’m not going to robbed by him and handing over half of my properties!

My confusion was growing faster than my logic could understand. Why on earth did Mr. Sulla seem to be dismissing our case when his associate, Ms. White, had proved in the deposition that the plaintiffs' entire case was a blatant fraud? When I questioned Paul J. Sulla about his motives for this decision, all he would keep repeating was, "I’m sorry. It's not right, but they have won."

Paul Sulla said they produced the birth certificate of the daughter Kimberly and it proves she is Moana's legal daughter.

I protested from the beginning of this case, everyone realizes Kimberly's the legal daughter of Moana. You said so yourself!

For the tenth time not contesting she's the daughter! We’re contesting she has no rights to sell something/property she has no legal rights to.

This idiotic red herring will always be perceived by any attorneys on the take or on the inside of this corruption, as say, write or do anything necessary then roll the dice to see if most are fooled, who knows, you may be able to steal things and get rich like Matson Kelley. Good luck crooks, it only works if you have a chief judge in your family presiding over your case!

Paul Sulla, the crook attorney on the take again, simply ignored both our original reasonings and said the plaintiff would give us back only the cost we paid for the homes and added that, by negotiating hard, he had persuaded them to add an additional $30,000 to remove the lien set on the houses by Andrew Chianese in 2015.

I declined this offer and said I would go public with their corruption on our YouTube channel or Facebook or even Twitter, where we have ten years and 900 videos on home restorations with well over one-hundred subscribers with fifty million views worldwide for help in obtaining a watchdog or news agency to expose these high-profile crooks, as I could find no honest lawyers.

I wrote I would never consent to sign any settlements that removed my first amendment of right to redress and grievances.

Even in my state of illness, I read nothing more than a blackmailed gag order, I spoke to him many times verbally, and in writing, they can keep the money I paid for the properties as it was nothing compared to the new property value and the time and money and illnesses from repairing the homes.

I wrote Paul not to call me back anymore as far as I was concerned, the case was closed - they won by owning the courthouse and his cooperation, not by reason.

Still Paul Sulla became more aggressive than before by trying to force me into signing, Paul spent weeks pressuring me to accept the gag order he was allowing them to blackmail me with. I decided not to respond to his calls and emails as it was obvious he became in cahoots with them for reasons I was about to find out in the future.

When I finally accepted his call, Paul threatened me by saying there would be many more additional losses if I walked away without a signature to end the case - pointing out I would be subject to criminal charges, have to pay all rent to plaintiffs for four years while we were repairing the homes, being sued by the plaintiff for hundreds of thousands of dollars for their legal fees. That they would leverage their so-called cost by ten times against any wages I would earn in the future while working within my plastering trade.

Paul screamed, they were not entitled to repay me back the $160,000, we had in repairs. Paul Sulla made a point of saying multiple times that, unless I signed away my lien on the houses, the plaintiff would have the lien removed in a week and sue me for the above cost and place a lien on my primary residence in California.

Paul Sulla's excessive anger was as if he were having his properties being stolen instead of mine? Paul then gave me his ultimatum, if I didn't sign the settlement immediately, he would remove himself as the attorney on record the following morning.

Faced with the prospect of having to hire a third attorney to continue a battle entrenched in corruption in Hawaii's Maui court, with all the associated costs was not even an option. Their combined demoralization had destroyed my cash and enthusiasm for righteousness that this case was fixed against me from the start.

It now seems like a nightmarish dream when plaintiffs wrote to negotiate a deal to purchase my half of the property or buy them out just over a year before.

At that time, I was suffering from Lyme disease and Malaria contracted during our clean-up and repairs of these Maui properties - which I still have.

Under the circumstances, I shamelessly admit these corrupt men broke me like a rotten stick. After four years of bleeding me financially and the court proceedings of nothing but falsehoods, I was half the man than when I started to defend myself.

I didn’t feel as though they said "checkmate" as in a game of chess. But instead, I felt more like a lamb in an overgrown pasture of thorn bushes, unable to go backward or forwards for fear of thorns slashing my skin either way. I realized These judges in Maui were in cahoots with attorneys with thorny hearts surrounding me. I knew I would get pierced in any direction I chose as the entire case was corrupted from the start. Thus I signed their damned blackmailed gag order, as I didn’t want to risk my children's future with the debt Paul promised that would be levied against me until paid.

Note from the Author:

This result is precisely what the 'Judicial Mob' in Hawaii feeds on – attrition. They wear citizens out using the corrupted courts. The judges are complicit, apparently bribed. Together, the co-conspirators delay, divert, multiply proceedings, run up legal fees, and wear 99% of honest, hard-working victims into submission.

All past victims who read this story should share this story and demand all cases that include Fredrick Matson Kelley and his mentor, Maui's chief judge, Joseph E. Cardoza, be analyzed and retried as its money they wish without any respect towards law or honor.

The Fraud Continues

I was in a state of shock. My subconscious instinct screamed in my head. Did Paul Sulla, too, have a connection with the Maui chief judge, Joseph Cardoza?

We checked for days online, and I’ll be damned. He did! If only We found this article before being duped by Paul:

See Article: Attorney Indicted For Alleged Forged Deed, Real Estate Theft

We did indeed find Paul J. Sulla was on trial for the same criminal conduct!

If one reads carefully, they can connect the dots of why Fredrick Matson Kelley may soon be the big boss in Maui or Hawaii.

Matson gets the job of per-diem judge by Cardoza's pal Mark of the ninth circuit.

Cardoza then retires. All Cardoza's influence now passes to his protege/nephew. Thus Cardoza's crimes and his cronies committed stay hushed or buried as Matson not only owes his position to his mentor Maui’s Chief Judge Cardoza, but also owes Cardoza millions for Cardoza illegally handing him my homes, as well as the Native Hawaiians land, plus a punitive damage case I was intent on following upon.

Maui’s Chief judge Cardoza realized that after Matson Kelley’s disastrous deposition, their fraud case could be exposed for the crime it was.

Then the day after that deposition, Paul Sulla and Cardoza must have come into play for Paul’s cooperation.

As coincidently or as planned, Paul called me the very next day after the excellent deposition his own associate attorney did that exposed their fraud.

Paul politely explains to me plaintiffs have finally received the birth certificate. The day after their damniing deposition.

The case is over; plaintiffs now win! She is the daughter!

Sound preposterous. They did just this. The entire case or claim was just as preposterous!

As Paul Sulla could have cost both Cardoza and Matson reputation damage, loss of license or even liberty as well as what they truly want, money, our valuable homes worth today well over 2.5 million dollars. Perhaps Matson's upcoming position as the chief judge in Maui or Hawaii, plus a punitive damage suit from me.

Paul sets up the date for the last hearing and had the audacity to ask me if I wanted to attend?

I was too mentally and physically beat up to fly to Hawaii for a preordained herring; Paul Sulla simply sent an associate, a new young attorney.

In the final confidential attorney work product, the new young attending attorney on my behalf wrote, in the end, you could tell the judge was reading from a prewritten document when making her finding, conclusion, and order. She said that because of Serion v. Thornton, a motion to reconsider or challenge would be futile as it would be too late to admit this into evidence. Serion V Thorton, the document was provided at least three times to both attorneys during this trial.

Lastly, Paul Sulla’s new associate attorney wrote: There is no dispute that Hiehie is the only both parties that agree that Julia also had a 50% interest at the tax sale time. Apply plaintiffs proposed language just cited-it is perhaps the one thing plaintiffs cannot request: it is illegal.

Joseph E. Cardoza awarded his protégé, "Fredrick Matson Kelley," not just their illegal claim of 50% ownership of the homes, but instead 100% of our homes.

Thus silences me forever; unquestionably they may have thought I could earn money or borrow to continue trying and finding another attorney who they did not have in their back pocket.

Like Terrance Revere, or that they could bribe or bargain with like they did Paul Sulla. Plus, why not close the door for righteousness as Maui’s chief Judge Joseph E. Cardoza was retiring soon anyway. Thus his actions could not resurface to haunt or bite him later.

Their so-called settlement was nothing but a blackmailed gag order crammed down my throat by Paul’s manipulations of financial threats to me. Supposedly to prevent me from exposing these crooks.

Quentin Wells, the ex-CIA agent who wrote this story, informed me, contrary, I could expose this case as a whistleblower and had an obligation to do so for the Hawaiian people and the Hawaiian justice system.

Quentin added, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Thus if you're a federal prosecutor and have jurisdiction over these matters, we pray, leverage justice!


Note: all these thieves mentioned, Judges and/or attorneys - even if exposed and charged with the crimes they've committed - I feel won't be held liable financially. Their LLCs protect their stolen property and homes from being sold or any monies distributed back to the victims.

The only recourse for us as victims is to witness their loss of license and or liberty. It's doubtful these same men are capable of feeling shame. Thus the crimes become more apparent and even bolder and will continue.

We wish to publicly divulge all the information about this criminal case and possibly the continuing corruption in Hawaii State Courts that enabled it to occur.

We want nothing in return except the public exposure of all those involved in the corruption, massive fraud, and criminal prosecution, which we believe is warranted and long overdue.

Victim/Whistle Blower's Request And Acknowledgements

My family's horror story detailed above actually happened. We went through more than four grueling years of hell through planned misdirection and misrepresentations by corrupt lawyers. The co-conspirators collaborated to rob my family and violate their sworn oaths, ethics codes, and public duties. Together, these judges and attorneys have caused outrageous and irreparable harm. They have stolen our financial future and, more importantly, our health, which we value beyond any monetary loss.

My ex-girlfriend is still bedridden as I write this, sickened by diseases and distress caused by these robbers of health, money, and our freedom.

Note From The Author

Most people have no idea what high-level robbery from Judges feels like unless you have experienced such injustice yourself. Doctors and lawyers recognize post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) caused by the horrors of war. Like everyone else who is victimized similarly by the judicial racket, suffer from what amounts to 'lawfare' against We the People.

The distinguished Judge Learned Hand said: "[A]s a litigant, I should dread a lawsuit beyond almost anything else short of sickness and death." (Merenda v. Superior Court (1992) 3 Cal. App. 4th 1, 11) What has been done to us has caused us to suffer morbidly and mortally.

We contracted leptospirosis through this ordeal, as well as Lyme disease and Malaria, too, during our clean-up and restoration of our properties and through the distress of our legal battles.

This demoralization has done the most damage to my family and me. They not only stole all my savings but my grown children's inheritance, which in turn destroyed my ambitions and even dreams.

Now I work to earn money necessary to keep food on the table, and the bills paid, but an incentive for more has been stolen.

Note in my humble opinion: my thought process “today remains, why earn money when it can be stolen?” It is a tragedy of a mindset or lousy habit to allow oneself to dwell on, but even with thousands of hours to reverse this awful habit to my sub-conscience, I often still fail.

This type of dishonesty for four years was thrust upon my family and me; I feel ashamed that each time any of my five grown kids read through their fabricated documents, they ask me, while on the verge of tears, "how in the world can these judges get away with this crime?”

These questions are the actual piercing in a parent’s heart. This cost is far beyond any measurement in money.

Previously, my ex-girlfriend had never been sick in the 16 years we had been together. Since this blatant robbery, she has been housebound for four years and still suffers from these diseases and hallucinations.

She has now been in a hospital every other month for a woman who has not seen the inside of a hospital for 16 years. Thus their crimes need exposure, so others don’t have to suffer at their hands.

My dear friend named Douglas Alan Harris, who helped with the deadly clean-up, had recently passed away at age 60. On November 12, 2019, he assisted in renovating the second home, which was toxic. Doug, at 60, looked like a professional football player but was not immune to the toxins at this condemned property.

Matson Kelly, the attorney/Per-Diem judge, may not have pulled the trigger himself. Still, indirectly he is the proximate cause of all our health issues, including my pal Doug Harris, who contacted me weekly on our horrible situation.

How much financial damage has Fredrick Matson Kelly caused my family? Over $450,000 in cash plus our Maui properties. We paid this amount in attorney fees and repairs to lawyers/criminals whom we were deceived into believing were working for us in fighting this fraudulent lawsuit brought on by Fredrick Matson Kelley.

Our bogus case was rigged from the get-go by Fredrick Matson Kelley and mentor Judge Joseph Cardoza. Indeed, Fredrick Matson Kelly, as an experienced attorney/crook, realized our houses would be worth millions of dollars after being repaired by my family and crew, and he moved swiftly to acquire our property by fraud in the court.

It’s obvious we were hit twice by lightning. First, by hired attorney, "Terrance M. Revere” then the property stealing, attorney "Paul J. Sulla."

Both aided and abetting the fraud perpetrated on us by Fredrick Matson Kelley. We realized that Paul Sulla sold us out for his benefit, to curry favor with future judges who were part of the corruption or could be bribed to overlook Paul’s litany of lies in other upcoming cases around this type of theft.

Thus, Paul J. Sulla remains a leading player in the Hawaii legal system's corruption, keeping the criminal network prosperous by ensnaring growing numbers of attorneys who seek to acquire properties from unsuspecting victims fraudulently. The scam artists are playing property owners and buyers while building their judicial racket. What is more profitable for these corrupt lawyers: an hourly wage, or winning a million-dollar property from its rightful owner by the favoritism of judges and puppet attorneys?

In our case, Chief Judge Cardoza unlawfully ruled for his protégé, Matson Kelly, once again.

Chief Judge Cardoza not only sided with his protege Matson Kelley, by breaking many laws throughout his decision to take over a case his protege was involved in, including continuously ignoring a higher court's decision, The Third Circuit Court judges. Realizing and taking full advantage of the fact we had little to no recourse as his criminal decisions have never been challenged.

Why risk ignoring a higher court's rulings signed by three judges? Plaintiffs already committed a crime when they dismissed a well written and fully documented title report?

Ignoring laws is a way of life with these men, as they have never been challenged or asked to explain to anyone their evil doings.

Perhaps Cardoza must have felt, I'm already guilty. What does it matter to continue with more crimes.

They achieved their objective to steal our property by deception, under the disguise of law. It mattered little how absurd or blatant Matsons Kelley’s deception was. His mentor, the Chief Judge of Maui, Joseph E. Cardoza, consistently aided and abetted his lies.

I speak for all the victims. We pray to a news agency such as Sixty-Minutes to accept this story and expose it.

It’s unfortunate and interesting, and I dare say maybe even viewed as exciting to some, just as much as it is disgusting and humiliating at our expense. It’s an excellent account of corruption, and tells a fascinating story of just how far some judges and lawyers will place their careers on the line for another man's gold.

My appeal to our subscribers is to share this story

With our youtube channel, we have well over a hundred thousand subscribers with close to 50 million views, 900 videos of how-to plaster. I’ve personally responded to over 40 thousand questions for free; indeed, helping others is what life is for. Kirk Giordano Plastering Stucco Channel

Again, if any federal prosecution agency with jurisdiction over this matter, please, leverage justice. I'm out of my league. These men have devastated me financially. Please, get involved and make the Maui courthouses a place for equal justice.

Share this story »

Thank you for any help you may be able to provide to bring some justice to my family, and to the many Hawaiians who have had their lands stolen, and to other victims and whistleblowers like myself.

I, too, now suffer from high blood pressure, among other illnesses, while my ex-girlfriend who went through this ordeal with me can no longer drive a car, and her hands shake so that she can barely drink a cup of water.

Last Note: the day before the auction. My ex-girlfriend and I were in Maui at a park playing on the grass. I was wearing new shorts, as the weather was hot. My wallet fell from my pocket. While we were walking away, my girlfriend saw it on the grass and asked, is that your wallet?

If only she hadn't noticed it.

I would not have had the ability to purchase these homes, thus would have avoided the most trauma ever inflicted on my family and me. This is a bizarre way to think, but the hell we went through and still surfer with today is too high a price to pay for what we endured.

It held my sons raised cash mixed with mine together in a cashier's check in the amount of $70,000.

From which the next day I was the highest bidder and purchased the condemned toxic homes for a mere $64,000, at the annual Maui property tax lien auction.

Would I do it again? Yes, as who would believe attorneys and judges would risk license and liberty to do what these so-called judges did?

FYI, I realize some truths were mentioned too many times. This farce of a court case was so unbelievable it's challenging to believe the first time it's read.

I am not so naive to believe that the Hawaiian government knows of these few incidences of evil crimes perpetrated against any people in which their own judges disgrace the laws they swore to uphold by serving and protecting admirably. However, I do realize there are cases similar to this throughout the world where corruption helpand treachery exist. These 4 criminals slipped through the cracks like the rat that lifted the toilet lid in the middle of this story. Surely by exposure, they will and must be brought to the attention of the proper authorities. If for the sole purpose if for nothing else these few corrupt so-called judges aren’t allowed to influence others who also seek something for nothing or riches at another’s man’s expense. Regardless of the wickedness these men committed to my family, I am still of the opinion that surely the majority of Hawaiian judges’ decisions must be honorable?

PS - folks, any of the one-percenters who may be able to expose this crime story, print it, as it appears in the past this site gets hacked or compromised where existing data becomes missing or changed?

Thank you for any support,
Kirk Giordano, of Kirk Giordano Plastering